Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 40

Awkward: Thinking I was 24 for the last 6 months (I'm almost 26).

Awesome: Powering through 1.5 hours of scantron grading, tackling the numerous errors.
Awkward:  Finding out it was done all wrong (so very wrong) and having to regrade them all.
Awkward x 2: Finding out the regrading still had errors.

Awesome: Going surfing for the first time!
Cute Boyfriend-Fellow
Awkward: Looking like a freshly dug up corpse afterwards...
I would not have been cast for Blue Crush

Awesome: Leaving glitter everywhere I sit because of my gold shoes.

Awesome: Getting through grading 230 essays and then 230 extra credit assignments.

Awesome: This pie magically got a tongue in the oven!

 Awesome: This pretty heart-shaped leaf.

Awkward: Seeing this on the board during a stats lecture...
For those of you who can't read my teacher's handwriting, that says, "Agenda for today: All of the rest of statistics."

Awkward: Finding out the catch trials of my experiment have been programmed wrong.
Awesome: Finding out that we don't have to throw out all my data so far.

Awkward: Not knowing why my dress was wet.
And this, folks, is why I wear dark colors....

Awesome: Our lab went out to a piano bar and not only got the pianists to play Super Freak for my boss, but they also demanded she come onstage.
Awkward: She dragged me up there with her.
Awesome: The rest of the lab joined in.

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  1. I love your happy pie!

    Awkward ^^^^

  2. You had a lot of awkward and awesome things this week! That pie is awesome! And the mysterious liquid on your dress, that is something that would happen to me. I also get many mysterious stains on my clothes...usually from eating and not realizing I spilled on myself!

  3. "All the rest of statistics." That's not scary or anything. I just finished up my stats class last night. It was definitely a dense, but interesting, quarter.

  4. Oh man! The pie with a tongue is perfect for Pi Day! So awesome!

    6 months?!! You didn't remember your age for 6 months? You've been working too hard.

    I've always wanted to try surfing but I know I'll be horribly awkward at it.

  5. Bhahah the pie with the tongue is pretty awesome...a little bit scary all in one!

    Being 26 is not that bad! I'm 26 but I wish I was 24 :)


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