Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 39

Awesome: Yet another labmate, continuing the bring-in-tasty-desserts-to-fatten-Rachael up theme, made these amazing fruit tarts....

Speaking of fattening up Rachael....
Awesome: I've been working out every day
Awkward: But somehow gaining weight...
Awkward x 2: Apparently elliptical machines lie about how many calories you've burned...
Couple that lil' false knowledge with stressed Rachael  = "Sure, I'll have some more food!"
Awesome... Kinda: At least I've figured it out!

Speaking of eating... 
Awesome: Dinner at my grandparent's

 I made the dip! 
It's lentils + bruschetta sauce + feta, served in endives.

Aaaaand continuing with the food theme...
Awesome: Going out to Thai food with Brutharrr, Steven and Faja.
Awesome x 2: I ate slowly, so I asked for a to-go box for the remainder of my yummy meal.
Awkward: They were slow bringing the bill, giving me time to polish off the rest of my meal...
Awkward x 2: So I left the near empty-box on the table.

Speaking of leaving things...
Awkward: Leaving my card in the ATM.
Awesome: Nice strangers who ran after me to return it.

Awesome: I was in the vicinity of my hairdresser this past weekend.
Awkward: I wasn't quite ready for a haircut but I also wont be back in that area for awhile.
Awesome: Somehow, my haircut resulted in shorter hair that doesn't look much different.
Awkward: All my attempts at a self-portrait in the backseat of a car...

Awesome: Pre-bed nibble of some yogurt dip.
Awkward: For some reason my lactose pill didn't take.

Awkward: Taking a picture of someone's dog through their car window as they walk over to me.

Aaand back to food/fattening Rachael up themes...
Awesome: The flavors at my favorite ice cream shop.
After pretty much sampling them all, I got the chocolate sorbet.  Yum.

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  1. you are too cute. =) it's nice to see someone else whose life revolves around food as much as mine does, too.

    also, you know that cardio alone won't help you lose weight, right? you *need* to do strength training exercises too. the reason for this is that increasing your muscle mass (one of the purposes of strength training) increases your basal metabolic rate, since protein is waaaaaay more metabolically active of a tissue, and your basal rate has significantly more influence over how many calories you go through daily than any exercising you may do. increasing muscle mass will make you gain or maintain weight at first, but once your body gets that this is going to stay on for a while, basal rate will ramp up and everything will be great. =)

  2. All of those ice cream flavors sound absolutely amazing, seriously. I will never be really, really skinny because I love food too much. It's a reality I've come to embrace.

  3. Awkward: Leaving my card in the ATM.
    Awesome: Nice strangers who ran after me to return it.

    You are one lucky lady!! So glad there are nice strangers in the world.

    Your short haircut makes me want to cut my hair!

  4. Fruit tarts are my favorite! And whoever made those made them look amazing. I am impressed. The haircut thing is kind of funny. Then again, I never seem to walk away from a haircut with exactly what I hoped for.


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