Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 38

Awesome: Mid-week, mid-day dates to get fried egg sandwiches. 

Awesome: Upon hearing awesome music coming from my friend's open office door, I decided to leap into view doing a crazy dance.
Awkward: No one was in the office.  I guess that could also be classified as an 'awesome' considering how ridiculous I looked.

Awkward: Bracelet lines from copper jewelry.

Awkward: Accidentally dressing like a Christmas elf...

Awesome: One of my labmates made amazing oreo-cream-cheese truffles.
Awesome x 2: Then another labmate made super delicious blueberry-coffee-cake-like bars.

Awkward: Not getting enough data in time to present at a conference I'd love to attend.
Awkward x 2: Asking my boss if she'd be willing to fund any part of it anyways.
Awesome: She said she'd pay for part of it!
Awesome x 2: By 'part', apparently, she meant pretty much ALL of it!

Awesome: Sitting at an outside fireplace after a lovely date.
Awkward: Realizing some creepy old dude was sitting on the other side of the fire watching us.

Awesome: Grilled cheese.
Awesome x 2: Grilled cheese with avocado and grilled onions.
Awesome x 3: Grilled cheese with avocado and grilled onions, dipped in tomato soup!

YOUR turn! 
Tell me about your trials and triumphs this week!


  1. i need to make those sammies asap! and congrats...that's great that your boss is funding the conference. see, it never hurts to ask!

  2. That sandwich looks delicious!!!!

    You have an awesome boss.

    And your green tights made me giggle because I can see how you could have looked like an elf. But a cute elf of course ;-)

  3. I love the empty office dancing. Pretty awesome that you just went for it. :)

  4. THAT SANDWICH. Oooooh, I want it!

  5. That sandwich looks AH-MAZ-ING! Wish I could have been there for your dance. ;)

    Awesome part of my week: Getting together with friends to swing dance in public!

  6. That grilled cheese sounds AMAZING!

  7. Oh! I have an awkward/awesome from last night:

    Awkward: Ordering our food 10 minutes before the restaurant closes (we didn't know it was closing).
    Awesome: Finding out the bar was open for another 2 hours and we could eat there!


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