Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend in Pictures vol. 5

(This weekend, I discovered Instagram)

 Friday I saw The Hunger Games
(which I thought was really good)

Saturday, I got to join The Littles at camp for awhile....
 Squinchy-eyed sissies

Littlest-Little is cool like that

 Tired Biggest-Little

Saturday evening, I went with Madre to a fancy, schmancy event.
 My new LBD from this day.

Even the candy table was la-dee-dah!

Sunday, sissies and I had a bit more time together....

All in all, a lovely weekend.

What did you do? 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Finals Week Fashion 3

Aaaannnd rounding out the week....

I don't know what possessed me to start posting outfit photos on this of all 
weeks but I'm glad I did as I avoided about 3 days of wearing a hoodie and jeans.

Yesterday I had my big scary final so I wanted to dress confidently. 
 Apparently black boots and a feather in my hair = confidence to me

Today, I'm trying to mad scramble catch up with the work I've fallen behind on in lab.

Still pink from the gym....

I love this locket because 
(a) it looks kinda like a snitch or the little universe necklace that 
was on the cat (Orion) in Men In Black and 
(b) it's the only one I've found that holds my whole family.

What're your plans for the weekend? 
I'm going to see The Hunger Games, grade a lot papers, see my sissies (a.k.a. The Littles) and overall celebrate being done with stats!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 41

Awkward: Trying to say 'bless you' with my mouth full. 
I ask you, does the polite cancel the rude?

Awkward: Breaking my stapler.
Awkward x 2: Borrowing my coworkers and breaking hers too.
Awesome: Our lab manager ordered new ones for both of us.
Awkward: I broke my new one...

Awkward: Getting a plastic cut (like a paper cut, but on plastic)
Awkward x 2: Getting nail polish remover in said plastic cut.

Awesome: Magnetic nail polish. 
I tried it on one nail in the store.

Awkward: Taking outfit photos.
Awkward x 2: Taking outfit photos in the gym bathroom (here and here).

Awesome: It hailed.  For 12 seconds.  This is what it looked like outside at the time.

Awkward: This mural (it looks like a sick noodle, but it was a mexican restaurant so I think it's a burrito)

Awkward: Sharing a table with two very popular strangers.  Nope, for the millionth time, that's not my phone that just buzzed.

Awkward: Putting mascara on only half my eye.

Awkward: Washing my hair in the gym bathroom sink.

Awkward AND Awesome: Our stats take-home portion of the final included 'fun' questions about us stats students poisoning our teacher's coffee because we were unhappy with our grades.
Awkward AND Awesome x 2: I offered our stats teacher a green (mint) cookie. He refused. I showed him one I had taken a bite out of and he took that one.

Awkward and Awesome: In 7.5 hours, I will be done with my stats final and, if I do well, done with stats. 
Awkward AND Awesome x 2: In 8 hours, I will be celebrating this at my stats professor's house.

Awkward AND Awesome: Next week, I fly to the east coast to meet Boyfriend-Fellow's family!

Tell me your highs and lows from this week 
in the comments below!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finals Week Fashion 2

My grandma always told me not to throw away 
clothes because fashions come around again.

Well, apparently the same applies to my nail polish... 
Leave it on long enough and it'll match my outfit again.
I feel like these photos don't really show how comfy these jeans are.
See? Comfy*

Also, I don't think I've ever blogged about my necklace... Boyfriend-fellow got it for me for Christmas and I basically don't take it off. 

I always liked the idea of having a signature [insert fashion piece here].  For awhile I wanted to be known as the girl-with-the-red-shoes or the the girl-who-always-wears-a-flower-in-her-hair.  For a long time, I've wanted a signature jewelry piece and this one fits the bill PERFECTLY (simple, beautiful and matches everything). 
Do you have a signature fashion piece/style?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finals Week Fashion

Ah, finals week... You're difficult in all ways (eating healthy, getting enough sleep, socializing) and fashion is no exception.
I need to dress comfy enough to not get annoyed on top of the built-in negativity you bring yet fancy enough to keep my self-esteem afloat in the midst of your drudgery.

 The only time I'm dressed in front of a mirror is right 
after the gym, hence these photos are taken while I'm still 
pink-faced and yes, in the girl's bathroom.



What's YOUR go-to comfy style?

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Unfortunately, my check engine light came on today.

Also unfortunately, I got a letter informing me that my insurance 
wasn't going to cover the dog-bite doctors visits.

Also unfortunately, I have a lot of computer work this weekend 
(take home finals, essays and computer programming).

Fortunately, I have an espresso machine. 

Unfortunately, I spilled a latte on my computer.

Fortunately, I had a blow dryer on hand.

Unfortunately, it melted the keys on my keyboard.

Fortunately, for once I had activated the extended warranty plan.

Unfortunately, the extended warranty does not cover liquid damage NOR damage incurred by use of other appliances. Durn.

Unfortunately, there wasn't an appointment available at my nearest Apple store.

Fortunately, there was one at an Apple store not too far away.

Also, fortunately, I used the drive to chats with Brutharrrr (hands free, of course).

Also fortunately, they were able to fix it.  For free.

Also fortunately, I needed a break from studying anyways, 
had a Forever 21 gift card and was right there.

Also fortunately, I used the drive home to chats with Faja.

Things are all right...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 40

Awkward: Thinking I was 24 for the last 6 months (I'm almost 26).

Awesome: Powering through 1.5 hours of scantron grading, tackling the numerous errors.
Awkward:  Finding out it was done all wrong (so very wrong) and having to regrade them all.
Awkward x 2: Finding out the regrading still had errors.

Awesome: Going surfing for the first time!
Cute Boyfriend-Fellow
Awkward: Looking like a freshly dug up corpse afterwards...
I would not have been cast for Blue Crush

Awesome: Leaving glitter everywhere I sit because of my gold shoes.

Awesome: Getting through grading 230 essays and then 230 extra credit assignments.

Awesome: This pie magically got a tongue in the oven!

 Awesome: This pretty heart-shaped leaf.

Awkward: Seeing this on the board during a stats lecture...
For those of you who can't read my teacher's handwriting, that says, "Agenda for today: All of the rest of statistics."

Awkward: Finding out the catch trials of my experiment have been programmed wrong.
Awesome: Finding out that we don't have to throw out all my data so far.

Awkward: Not knowing why my dress was wet.
And this, folks, is why I wear dark colors....

Awesome: Our lab went out to a piano bar and not only got the pianists to play Super Freak for my boss, but they also demanded she come onstage.
Awkward: She dragged me up there with her.
Awesome: The rest of the lab joined in.

Your turn! Tell me your awkward/awesomes in the 
comments below or link up to your own post!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 39

Awesome: Yet another labmate, continuing the bring-in-tasty-desserts-to-fatten-Rachael up theme, made these amazing fruit tarts....

Speaking of fattening up Rachael....
Awesome: I've been working out every day
Awkward: But somehow gaining weight...
Awkward x 2: Apparently elliptical machines lie about how many calories you've burned...
Couple that lil' false knowledge with stressed Rachael  = "Sure, I'll have some more food!"
Awesome... Kinda: At least I've figured it out!

Speaking of eating... 
Awesome: Dinner at my grandparent's

 I made the dip! 
It's lentils + bruschetta sauce + feta, served in endives.

Aaaaand continuing with the food theme...
Awesome: Going out to Thai food with Brutharrr, Steven and Faja.
Awesome x 2: I ate slowly, so I asked for a to-go box for the remainder of my yummy meal.
Awkward: They were slow bringing the bill, giving me time to polish off the rest of my meal...
Awkward x 2: So I left the near empty-box on the table.

Speaking of leaving things...
Awkward: Leaving my card in the ATM.
Awesome: Nice strangers who ran after me to return it.

Awesome: I was in the vicinity of my hairdresser this past weekend.
Awkward: I wasn't quite ready for a haircut but I also wont be back in that area for awhile.
Awesome: Somehow, my haircut resulted in shorter hair that doesn't look much different.
Awkward: All my attempts at a self-portrait in the backseat of a car...

Awesome: Pre-bed nibble of some yogurt dip.
Awkward: For some reason my lactose pill didn't take.

Awkward: Taking a picture of someone's dog through their car window as they walk over to me.

Aaand back to food/fattening Rachael up themes...
Awesome: The flavors at my favorite ice cream shop.
After pretty much sampling them all, I got the chocolate sorbet.  Yum.

Link up/Comment your week's adventures!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's what's inside that counts, right?

I should have a new section of my blog devoted to my attempts (and often failures) to recreate the delicious food I find on the interwebs. I could call it "Repulsive Replications" or something.
This time around, I attempted to replicate these beauties from Emma of Food Coma.
(Photo from Emma's blog)

Gorgeous, right?
(NOTE: These photos are from Emma's blog)

I strayed from her recipe in that I put half the sugar (just the brown sugar) and only used wheat flour.  Also, where she used chocolate chips, I substituted different things per batch.

Here's my first round...
 The M&M's were dried and gross and the color melted off. 
I'm not even gonna expand on how the bananas looked. 

So on the next batch, I used bits of carob chips, chocolate bar chunks and butterscotch.

Much better but still... Ugly little suckers.  
They sure were tasty though!  Not too sweet, kinda like banana bread cookies.  
The butterscotch was PERFECT melted.  It glossed.
I'll be remaking these again asap.

These bloggers make beautiful food look so easy!
Lesson learned.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Go Friday!

First, Faja picked me up from the airport.
Then we we hung out.

Then I got to visit my grandparents.

Toured my grandma's garden...

Then Faja and I got massages.

Then Faja, Brutharrr, Steven and I had Thai food. 

Good job, Friday.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?