Sunday, February 26, 2012

You win some, you lose some...

I recently tried two endeavors I found via the magical blog-world...
First off, I loved the DIY Chalkboard-Cheese-Platter I saw on Emma's blog (Food Coma), so I made my own.  Here it is displaying random food I have in my cabinet...

I'm quite happy with the results. Now to find time to have a cheese party....

Secondly, I love pancakes but hate how sluggish I feel after so these low-carb delectables on Lindsay's blog (Delighted Momma) looked RIGHT up my alley. 
Boyfriend-Fellow and I whipped up a batch....

Well, they were totally delicious and amazingly, filling without sapping my energy, but they were nothing near as gorgeous as Lindsay's. 
 NOWHERE near....

To be honest though, if I had to choose which of these projects I'd like to LOOK prettier, though, I'd probably vote for the one I'll be serving food off of, not the one I inhaled in 4 minutes.

What projects are you guys itching to try?


  1. I'm in the middle of making a friendship bracelet. It's taking me much longer than I expected. I'm not sure I'm cut out for the crafty stuff.

  2. That chalkboard cheese platter idea is AWESOME! Even your random foods look delicious! ( I mean, they are delicious by themselves, but with the chalkboard, they're so sassy!)

    Those pancakes look delicious.. Might have to try them!

  3. If I could just get all the things in our place "settled" I'd be a happy camper. But I keep choosing exploring or unpacking/organizing.

    Those pancakes are intriguing though... perhaps I should "explore" what a batch of those feel like in my belly.

  4. The cheese board...LOVE IT!

    As for trying new things, I have some very talented and crafty friends. They are slowly sucking me into their world. But I am really excited to try canning a bunch of food this year (I did some last year with my aunt and uncle).


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