Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 37

Awesome: Having someone I really respect share a secret with me.
Awkward: Accidentally blurting out a part of it the very next day.

Awesome: Remembering to wish my mom  a happy birthday.
Awkward: ... via text.  I totally forgot an actual phone call. 
Sawwy Madre! 

Awkward: Forgetting I already talked to someone and launching into the exact same story.
Awkward x 2: When they don't point this out until the end of said story.

Awesome: Beautiful foggy mornings.

Awkward AND Awesome: Going shopping with my boss.  She rollerbladed to the store and had no shoes with her.  I love my boss.

Awesome: Midnight rainbow nail painting session.

Awesome: Mid week movie dates with Boyfriend-Fellow (we saw The Artist! It was great!)
Awesome: Sitting at an outdoor fireplace afterwards.
Awkward: Realizing some old creepy dude could watch us through the other side....

Awkward: Faja got a $65 parking ticket when he visited... Wah wahhhhhh
Awesome: He talked his way out of it!

Awesome: Turning in my take-home midterm early.
Awkward: Turning in 2 more drafts.

Awkward: Presenting for 2 hours in front of faculty, peers, my boss....
Awesome: Being done with it.

Awkward: Trying to evenly put on makeup with a swollen eye....

Awkward: Posting this so late. Only 16 minutes til it's Friday!

Your turn! Link up or share your awkwards and awesomes!


  1. I hope the swollen eye isn't serious! And better late than never. I really, really want to see The Artist.


    Those nail polishes are so pretty! You still look gorgeous, even with a swollen eye? How did you get it? I get them sometimes because I get too excited with my eyeliner pencil and stab myself. Heh.


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