Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 36

Awesome: Faja and Brutharrr visiting!
(photo by Boyfriend-fellow)
Awesome: Leaving a chocolate covered strawberry on my coworkers desk for her birthday.
Awkward: Finding out she's allergic to fruit.

Awesome: Saving some time by pre-peeling my breakfast hard-boiled eggs the night before.
Awkward: Wasting time by not being able to find them in the morning.
Awkward x 2: ...Not being able to find them because I left them in the cupboard when I was done, not the fridge.  Doh.

Awesome: Going on an outdoor adventure day last weekend (yay sun!) at a touristy destination.
Awkward: Forgetting sunscreen.
Awkward x 2: The only sunscreen for sale was $15 for a tiny tube!
Awesome: Pops McGee sponsored the purchase.
Awkward: I didn't end up using it.  Ooops.

Awkward: Having to make 260 copies of the scantrons for the class I'm TA-ing.  What a waste of paper.
Awkward x 2: Finding out the template we were using was printed crooked (thus, all the copies were useless).  Making 260 more copies with new, un-crooked copy.
Awkward x 3: Finding out the new, un-crooked copy wasn't the exact right scale (damn you, 'Scale to fit page' function!). Printing out 260 more copies.
I'm gonna be assassinated by an Ent.

Awkward: Getting almost to work when I realized I didn't have my running shoes in my bag.
Awkward x 2: Getting almost back home before I realized I was wearing them.

Awkward: Photos of Boyfriend-fellow and I when we're expecting it....

Awesome: Photos of Boyfriend-fellow and I when we're NOT expecting it...
(Both photos by Faja) 

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  1. Eeep! You guys are SO CUTE.

    Also, the eggs in the cupboard thing.. I feel like I do that a lot. Put the milk in the pantry, the crackers in the fridge. Sigh. I do know someone who puts their keys in the fridge every night before they go to sleep so they can grab them and breakfast on the way out the door. Hm.

  2. I LOVE the photos of you and boyfriend fellow! More please :)

  3. Love the photos and dying over the eggs in the cupboard! Heehee!

  4. That second photo of you guys is precious.

  5. Oh my goodness... both photos of you and your bf are precious, in their own way.


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