Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 35

Awkward AND Awesome: Giving a lecture to a class of 250 undergrads
(though, when you subtract the ones who were absent and the ones that weren't paying attention, it was probably about 20).

Awkward: At the last minute, needing a dongle for my aforementioned talk.
Awesome: Borrowing Boyfriend-Fellow's.
Awkward: Leaving his dongle in the classroom.
Awesome: No one stole it after 2.5 days.

Awesome: Grading 256 essays in 2 hours.
Awkward: Now I've got 256 extra credit assignments to grade... Then repeat twice more for the next midterm and final...

Awesome: My new shoes!

Awkward: My new blisters...

Awesome: Dad and brother are coming to visit on Thursday.
Awkward: I have class all day Thursday (and I mean all day... till 10pm). Guess I wont be picking you guys up from the airport.
Awesome: My evening class got canceled! Actually, I CAN pick you up from the airport!
Awkward AND Awesome: I got asked to take photos for a department event in the evening. Um, actually, I CAN'T pick you up from the airport....

Awesome: Finding adorable baby bootie shoes in RAINBOW for super cheap.  Click. Buy.
Awkward: Receiving an email, "Thanks for your purchase of the baby booties CROTCHET PATTERN."
I don't crochet....
Awesome: Getting a refund because the seller is nice.
Seriously, aren't these adorable?!  If you crotchet, you should totally do this....I'm gonna make my sisters teach me.

Awkward: Getting seconds on dinner before someone (in this case, one of my teachers) had gotten firsts...

Awkward: This reusable bag in the trash...

Awkward AND Awesome: Frozen bananas are better when you freeze them at the slightly over-ripe stage.  Thus, I have people now saying, "Hey Rachael, this banana is rotting, I thought you'd want it!

Awesome: My stats assignment was to design a statistics problem for our classmates.  My teacher called mine 'tricky'.  He said he'd give extra points for tricky...

Awkward: Having a head cold
Awkward x 2: Head colds to me = oozing out of one side of my face (that's oozing nose and eyes)
Awkward x 3: Dripping tears all over my arm, table and notes during a review session.
Teacher: "Um, are you alright?"
This dripping tears thing is also wreaking havoc on the keyboard and mousepad of my laptop.

Awesome: Winning a photography contest
Awkward: Finding out it was rigged.

Your turn! Link up your awkward and awesomes in the comments!


  1. New flats are such a pain to break in. I've never had a pair that doesn't give me a blister or two. You'd think, since they're flat, this wouldn't be such a problem!

  2. husband does the same thing with rotten bananas. :)

    i love your knew glitter shoes!

  3. Awkward: Having the internet go down at my office.

    Awesome: Having my boss say: "Since the internet is down, why don't I treat us all to starbucks!"

    Awkward: After volunteering to go on the starbucks run, I was stuck paying the remaining tab when the gift card boss gave me was short $5.35.

    Extra Awkward: Feeling like a schmuck that I essentially paid $5.35 for a vanilla decaf latte that I had not intended to buy in the first place.

    Triple the Awkward: Mentioning to my boss when I returned: "I brought your card back in case you wanted to refill it, but it's empty and didn't quite cover the total..." and having her miss my hint and instead of saying "Oh, how short was it?" she just said "Oh no, that's okay, just throw it away."

    Awesome: At least I had the vanilla decaf latte to sip while I sat in my silent office feeling like a schmuck and waiting for the internet to come back up ;)

  4. Rigged? How so?

    Those baby booties are to die for! Crazy mad adorable.

  5. Ummmmm, how juvenile am I?
    I can't stop laughing that you borrowed your boyfriend-fellow's dongle.


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