Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A day in my life....

Here's a day in my life recently...
(a particularly busy day but not that atypical)
...expressed in sub-par doodles.

6:30 am
Wake up!

7:15 am 
Work out!

8 am
Catch up on last minute reading for my class

10 am - 1 pm 

1:30 pm
Phone call with friend going through a breakup 

1:45 pm 

2 - 4 pm

4 - 6:45 pm
Computer coding for my research project
(in Matlab for those of you who are interested)

6:46 pm
Drive to a professor's house

7 -10 pm

10 - 10:45 pm
Drop classmates off at their respective homes

11 pm
Get home, read for a bit and sleep!

My 10am-10pm class day is definitely my 
busiest per week. What's your busiest day like?


  1. My life right now is not that busy, because I don't have a job and my classes are just two nights a week. It's hard to get out of bed some mornings.

  2. This makes me SO GLAD I am done with school! I remember those days. And that picture of you coding, I love that you made your hair just like it is in real life. Too cute!

    As for me, my "work" (aka: the babies) follows me wherever I go. I try to not commit to too much because it just stresses us all out!

  3. That's crazy! I remember days like that back when I was a student :)


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