Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be Prepared

Littlest little showed me her emergency kit the other day.

First she pulled out a swiss army knife. 

Then she pulled out a flashlight. 

Then a Bounty Bar "in case of starvation." 

Then a peppermint candy bar ("also in case of starvation"). 

Then a peppermint eraser. 
I broke down and had to ask what the eraser was for.  
Her response? "In case of a pencil emergency."  
Oh, right.  Duh.

Lastly, she pulled out four small figurines, "in case of a crying child emergency."

Love that girl.


  1. i found a bunch of those weird things in my daughter's room. she got them from grandma and i had no idea what they were...but i can totally see why they'd be in an emergency kit!=)


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