Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 33

Awkward: Introducing someone using the wrong name.

Awkward: Getting home late last night made me both want to park near my house (which requires moving my car by 7am) and sleeping in (I normally get up at 6:30).
Awesome: Waking up at 6:56 and being out the door before getting a ticket.

Awesome: My postcard was used on my friend's CD art

Awesome: I was planning on using this morning to study for stats.
Awkward: I forgot about my 3 hour class starting at 10am.
Awesome: The teacher never showed.

Awkward AND Awesome: After my post about the hairclip I made, my dad sent me an email entitled, "Are you sure?" with this picture....

Awkward AND Awesome: Going to my advisor's house with some friends to play/sing music.
Awesome: My friends are amazing musicians and let me record them.
Awkward: They wont let me play the recordings for anyone else.

Awesome: Having my brother visit last quarter
Awkward: His visit being timed the weekend before my big horrible scary statistics midterm (which I bombed).
Awesome: Faja AND Brutharrr are gonna visit this quarter.
Awkward: Somehow, again the weekend before my big horrible scary statistics midterm.
Awesome: The midterm got moved!!!

Awkward: Boots that are too slouchy and a headband that's too tight...
Awkward AND Awesome: Jerry-rigging solutions using office supplies.
 (As for the too-tight headband, I cut it and reattached the two sides with a safety pin, giving my over-sized head (thanks Madre's-side-of-the-family) a little extra breathing room)

Awkward: Needing new jeans (I HATE jeans shopping).
Awesome: I cleaned my room and found a new pair of jeans, never worn, that fit perfectly.

Awkward: Not having a corkscrew.
Awesome: Realizing it was a perfect opportunity to meet my neighbors.
Awkward:  Mr. Neighbor did not share my enthusiasm (nor did he have a corkscrew).

Your turn! Link up your recent escapades and blunders!


  1. Haha!
    I also hate jeans shopping. It's always a self-esteem bomb. :P

  2. I hate jeans shopping as well. And I always wear mine until they are falling apart. As for parking, I am so glad I no longer have to fight for a parking spot. There is one "with my name on it" in my driveway!

    Awesome: Planning a dinner for a friend who is getting ready to give birth...aka: a last shindig before baby.
    Awkward: Said friend can no longer make it.
    Awesome & Awkward: The rest of us decided to still have a party without the guest of honor.

  3. Wait, do you have a jeans fairy? Cuz I could totally use one of those! I hear you about the big head. I had to trade bike helments this summer with my cousin who's 6 inches taller than me because mine was too small. And it fit her.

  4. Shopping for jeans is the absolute worst! Glad you found a pair in you closet! That was super awkward about your neighbor...

  5. Wait, wait, wait how did you forget about a brand new pair of jeans??? Awesome find indeed.


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