Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 32

Awesome: Healing

Awesome: The littles declared today 'Burrito Day.'  They're eating burritos for every meal.  Geniuses.

Awkward: Being late to a time management workshop

Awkward AND Awesome: Walking down the hall and having a faculty say to me, "Yes, yes, yes! You'd be the STAR of my movie!"

Awkward AND Awesome: Putting a banana in my lunchbox last night.
Now everything tastes like banana.  Banana cookies, banana chips. It's weird but....

Awesome: One of my classes this quarter is held at a different professor's house each week.
Awkward: It goes until 10pm. Blech!

Awesome: I gave two friends tiny notes inside tiny bottles as late Christmas presents.
Awkward: Apparently, after 45 minutes and exhausting all other possibilities, they had to smash the bottles to get them out.
Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Awkward: Having a HOOORRIBLE sore throat and no medicine.
Awesome: Remembering a home remedy my friend once told me about gargling with hot salt water.
Awkward: Gargling in front of Boyfriend-Fellow.
Distinctly not attractive.
Awesome: He made fun of me.
Awkward: Hot salt water up my nose.

Awesome: My dad's best friend is moving right near me!

Awkward: Trying to give back something to someone which I had forgotten they'd given me as a gift.

Your turn! What's been fantabulously awkward or awesome in your week?


  1. All my classes go to 10pm. I've completely changed my sleeping schedule so I'm awake and alert for all of them. On the plus side, that means sleeping in. :)

  2. That last one is like awkward times a million! And being late to a time management class is just plain funny.

    Awkward: Getting an email that unruly children should be kept at home rather than going to a mom and baby craft time.
    Awkward x2: Knowing FOR SURE this mass email was directed at me and my child.
    Awesome: Finding out that the craft lady actually loves my kid and it was directed toward a mom who just ignores her kid the whole time.

  3. "Awesome: The littles declared today 'Burrito Day.' They're eating burritos for every meal. Geniuses."
    I'm pretty sure my brother in law does this almost everyday. Not burritos, but he declares it "pancake day!" and eats nothing but pancakes. Ah, to be a 16 year old.

    Gargling salt water, while unattractive, TOTALLY WORKS. I do it everytime I have a sore throat and it goes away overnight sometimes!


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