Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 31

Awesome: Cheesecake at lab meeting.

Awesome: Getting the new iPhone
Awkward: Retraining it to not autocorrect my personal slang.

Awesome: Class ending early 2.5 hours early
Awkward and Awesome: Not being able to leave for another 20 minutes because my classmates were asking the teacher questions like, "What's your favorite alcoholic drink?" and "What blogs do you read?"

Awesome: Discretely leaving a gift for someone in their office so as not to draw attention to the fact that I didn't get everyone else one.
Awkward: Having them come up and thank me in front of everyone I was self-conscious about not having given a gift to also.

Awesome: Glowing puppy prints on the beach

Awkward: Broken surfboards (this one was $600!)

Awkward AND Awesome: 
Making friends with strangers and having them pose for me!

Awesome: Being shown a slideshow of someone's trip to Costa Rica.
Awkward: Going ooh and ahhh over every photo that WASN'T taken by them.

Awesome: Inviting the new kid on the hall to an event on Friday.
Awkward: Realizing I can't attend said event.

Awesome: Being invited to jam with a cool group of musically inclined people.
Awkward: Being invited because they found a song with a tambourine in it.

What was Awkward and Awesome about your week?


  1. you are too funny! and those glowing puppy prints are awesome!

  2. You always make me laugh! Some of your things (like complementing people on photos they didn't take) would be things I would do. Oh, and I decided to post my own awkward/awesome post today. But here's a little extra one for you.

    Awesome: The whole awesome/awkward thing you started is catching on. Another blogger joined in on the fun -

  3. bwa haha... tambourine. rock it sister!

    the picture of the girl jumping is beautiful, especially her reflection!

  4. You have tambourine skills? I'm jealous. I don't really have any musical skills, besides a little vocal harmonizing.

  5. Two Birds - Thanks!!

    Jessica - Yay! I'm so glad it's spreading. Her cheese story was hilarious.

    Charlotte - Thanks! She was such a sweet girl!

    E - No, sadly, no tambourine skills. The host just doesn't trust me with anything else, I believe. Not that she should.... Like you, my only possible skill is in vocal harmonizing.

  6. Hahaha these posts are the BEST!! Too funny about making a friend and then she did a happy dance for you lol! Love that


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