Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 30

Whooo! 30th edition of Awkward/Awesome! 

Awkward: Littlest little wrapping her arms around Boyfriend-Fellow's legs and saying, "I want you for a brother-in-law!"

Awkward: When I run outside in the morning, the cold + wind makes my eyes water so I look like an emotional exerciser to everyone I pass.
"Whatsup, stranger dude. Don't mind the tears streaming down my face..."

Awkward: Asking for an Americano half-decaf and receiving an Americano with half-and-half.
Awkward x 2: Not noticing....  For 20 minutes
Awkward x 3: Being lactose intolerant
Awesome: I didn't drink that much in 20 minutes and no real harm was done 'cept the wasted money.

Awkward: Seeing the 'parking is free today' sign as I picked up my receipt for paying $4 for parking.

Awkward: Having my grant turned down from even being considered because of a formatting issue of my application.

Awkward: Sitting directly in front of people who had just gotten high at the theater.

Awesome: So as not to forget what's happening in each of the 5 books Biggest-Little is simultaneously reading, she reads 2 pages per book and rotates.

Awesome: After a few ups and downs (and 4 hospital visits total) the dog-chomped leg is nearly fully healed.
Awkward: I lost sensation of the skin in the space inside the dog's jaw marks. Maybe from severed nerves, maybe from scar tissue build up.

Awesome: Homemade pizza!

Awesome: Using an elliptical machine that uses the energy I generate to power the gym.  Cool!


What's been awkward/awesome in YOUR week?


  1. Homemade pizza is one of my all-time favorite things and yours looks delicious! Glad to hear the battle scar is finally getting better. I hope you enjoyed your break from real life and time with family/boyfriend!

  2. Awkward: Having to go back to work this week after a full week off for the holidays.
    Awesome: It's been a pretty good week!

    Awesome: Getting burgers with my husband for his birthday last night at a new joint we've never eaten at.
    Awkward: Hearing a fellow customer loudly talking about how she and her boyfriend discovered bed bugs in their apartment the night before.

    Awesome: Catching up on blogs after taking the past week off from the internet.
    Awkward: Catching up on emails after taking the past week off from the internet. (Not quite as fun as reading blogs!)

  3. MMMM!! That pizza looks delicious!!

    Biggest-Little cracks me up!! That is funny!

  4. Oh my gosh.
    I used to do that with books, too! In fact, I rotate everything in minutes like that. Reply to e-mails for 5 minutes, read blogs for 5 minutes, watch 5 minutes of my TV show, etc.

    And the brother-in-law thing.. soooo cute.

  5. "I want you for a brother-in-law!" - Seriously funny! That's what I love about kids. They just say what they are thinking. And that pizza looks so freaking good.

    Awesome: My best friend and I planned to go out for drinks without any kids.
    Awkward: She was an hour late, wasn't returning my phone calls or texts and I was pissed.
    Awesome: She finally showed up and when we went out paid for my drink & dessert.
    Awesome: Since she is my best friend, I understand things happen, so I am over her extreme lateness.

  6. Using an elliptical machine that uses the energy I generate to power the gym. Cool!

    That is sooooo cool. California, you're awesome.

    Is the bottom picture of the boyfriend and Little Little? Because that is so sweet, no wonder she wants him for a brother!


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