Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A day in my life....

Here's a day in my life recently...
(a particularly busy day but not that atypical)
...expressed in sub-par doodles.

6:30 am
Wake up!

7:15 am 
Work out!

8 am
Catch up on last minute reading for my class

10 am - 1 pm 

1:30 pm
Phone call with friend going through a breakup 

1:45 pm 

2 - 4 pm

4 - 6:45 pm
Computer coding for my research project
(in Matlab for those of you who are interested)

6:46 pm
Drive to a professor's house

7 -10 pm

10 - 10:45 pm
Drop classmates off at their respective homes

11 pm
Get home, read for a bit and sleep!

My 10am-10pm class day is definitely my 
busiest per week. What's your busiest day like?

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I have a hard time concentrating unless my hands are occupied, 
which means Boyfriend-Fellow gets a lot of doodles.  
Here are some recent ones.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 33

Awkward: Introducing someone using the wrong name.

Awkward: Getting home late last night made me both want to park near my house (which requires moving my car by 7am) and sleeping in (I normally get up at 6:30).
Awesome: Waking up at 6:56 and being out the door before getting a ticket.

Awesome: My postcard was used on my friend's CD art

Awesome: I was planning on using this morning to study for stats.
Awkward: I forgot about my 3 hour class starting at 10am.
Awesome: The teacher never showed.

Awkward AND Awesome: After my post about the hairclip I made, my dad sent me an email entitled, "Are you sure?" with this picture....

Awkward AND Awesome: Going to my advisor's house with some friends to play/sing music.
Awesome: My friends are amazing musicians and let me record them.
Awkward: They wont let me play the recordings for anyone else.

Awesome: Having my brother visit last quarter
Awkward: His visit being timed the weekend before my big horrible scary statistics midterm (which I bombed).
Awesome: Faja AND Brutharrr are gonna visit this quarter.
Awkward: Somehow, again the weekend before my big horrible scary statistics midterm.
Awesome: The midterm got moved!!!

Awkward: Boots that are too slouchy and a headband that's too tight...
Awkward AND Awesome: Jerry-rigging solutions using office supplies.
 (As for the too-tight headband, I cut it and reattached the two sides with a safety pin, giving my over-sized head (thanks Madre's-side-of-the-family) a little extra breathing room)

Awkward: Needing new jeans (I HATE jeans shopping).
Awesome: I cleaned my room and found a new pair of jeans, never worn, that fit perfectly.

Awkward: Not having a corkscrew.
Awesome: Realizing it was a perfect opportunity to meet my neighbors.
Awkward:  Mr. Neighbor did not share my enthusiasm (nor did he have a corkscrew).

Your turn! Link up your recent escapades and blunders!

Monday, January 23, 2012


This weekend, inspired by Lindsay's frequent use of her creative skills,
I made a crafting date with my friend.

We made hairclips out of felt and buttons!

This is one of them. 
Future crafting projects: I wanna make a headband, a
cheeseboard using chalkboard paint (like Emma made here), magnets and paper flowers.  

What crafts have you guys been itching to try?
Link 'em up if you were inspired by something online.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 32

Awesome: Healing

Awesome: The littles declared today 'Burrito Day.'  They're eating burritos for every meal.  Geniuses.

Awkward: Being late to a time management workshop

Awkward AND Awesome: Walking down the hall and having a faculty say to me, "Yes, yes, yes! You'd be the STAR of my movie!"

Awkward AND Awesome: Putting a banana in my lunchbox last night.
Now everything tastes like banana.  Banana cookies, banana chips. It's weird but....

Awesome: One of my classes this quarter is held at a different professor's house each week.
Awkward: It goes until 10pm. Blech!

Awesome: I gave two friends tiny notes inside tiny bottles as late Christmas presents.
Awkward: Apparently, after 45 minutes and exhausting all other possibilities, they had to smash the bottles to get them out.
Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Awkward: Having a HOOORRIBLE sore throat and no medicine.
Awesome: Remembering a home remedy my friend once told me about gargling with hot salt water.
Awkward: Gargling in front of Boyfriend-Fellow.
Distinctly not attractive.
Awesome: He made fun of me.
Awkward: Hot salt water up my nose.

Awesome: My dad's best friend is moving right near me!

Awkward: Trying to give back something to someone which I had forgotten they'd given me as a gift.

Your turn! What's been fantabulously awkward or awesome in your week?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sister sleepover!

This weekend, the littles came to visit and I got some just-sisters time! 

With our large list of Want-To-Dos and lots of ambition, we set out...
First we explored near my house for a bit, then went to my friend's
barbeque where the girlies got to run around playing volleyball, frisbee and soccer.
Aaaaand pet an adorable puppy.

Then we went to the beach cliffs 
(we were aiming for the tidepools but they were underwater).

Next up - Frozen yogurt!

Then we got supplies and made our own pizzas!
 (real glam, huh? Well, they tasted good so...)
 The girlies watched Harry Potter until 10 
(wayyy past their bedtime, shhhhh!)
Later, when they were both asleep, I tiptoed by and heard Bigger Little talking in her sleep.
She said, "Little tiny erasers with little tiny hamsters make little tiny erasers." 
Cute, huh?
This morning, I woke up to the sound of their giggles (best wake up ever).
I made them some hot chocolate...
...And they ate breakfast while watching the end of Harry Potter.

Later, we made stovetop S'mores...
Have you guys ever done this?

The rest of the morning was spent in PJs playing Sims, giggling, making blanket + sister tacos, etc.
Madre arrived in the early afternoon and we had a bit of 
time with all four of us before they had to go....
Saying goodbye...

I can't wait until next time!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 31

Awesome: Cheesecake at lab meeting.

Awesome: Getting the new iPhone
Awkward: Retraining it to not autocorrect my personal slang.

Awesome: Class ending early 2.5 hours early
Awkward and Awesome: Not being able to leave for another 20 minutes because my classmates were asking the teacher questions like, "What's your favorite alcoholic drink?" and "What blogs do you read?"

Awesome: Discretely leaving a gift for someone in their office so as not to draw attention to the fact that I didn't get everyone else one.
Awkward: Having them come up and thank me in front of everyone I was self-conscious about not having given a gift to also.

Awesome: Glowing puppy prints on the beach

Awkward: Broken surfboards (this one was $600!)

Awkward AND Awesome: 
Making friends with strangers and having them pose for me!

Awesome: Being shown a slideshow of someone's trip to Costa Rica.
Awkward: Going ooh and ahhh over every photo that WASN'T taken by them.

Awesome: Inviting the new kid on the hall to an event on Friday.
Awkward: Realizing I can't attend said event.

Awesome: Being invited to jam with a cool group of musically inclined people.
Awkward: Being invited because they found a song with a tambourine in it.

What was Awkward and Awesome about your week?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be Prepared

Littlest little showed me her emergency kit the other day.

First she pulled out a swiss army knife. 

Then she pulled out a flashlight. 

Then a Bounty Bar "in case of starvation." 

Then a peppermint candy bar ("also in case of starvation"). 

Then a peppermint eraser. 
I broke down and had to ask what the eraser was for.  
Her response? "In case of a pencil emergency."  
Oh, right.  Duh.

Lastly, she pulled out four small figurines, "in case of a crying child emergency."

Love that girl.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awkward / Awesome Volume 30

Whooo! 30th edition of Awkward/Awesome! 

Awkward: Littlest little wrapping her arms around Boyfriend-Fellow's legs and saying, "I want you for a brother-in-law!"

Awkward: When I run outside in the morning, the cold + wind makes my eyes water so I look like an emotional exerciser to everyone I pass.
"Whatsup, stranger dude. Don't mind the tears streaming down my face..."

Awkward: Asking for an Americano half-decaf and receiving an Americano with half-and-half.
Awkward x 2: Not noticing....  For 20 minutes
Awkward x 3: Being lactose intolerant
Awesome: I didn't drink that much in 20 minutes and no real harm was done 'cept the wasted money.

Awkward: Seeing the 'parking is free today' sign as I picked up my receipt for paying $4 for parking.

Awkward: Having my grant turned down from even being considered because of a formatting issue of my application.

Awkward: Sitting directly in front of people who had just gotten high at the theater.

Awesome: So as not to forget what's happening in each of the 5 books Biggest-Little is simultaneously reading, she reads 2 pages per book and rotates.

Awesome: After a few ups and downs (and 4 hospital visits total) the dog-chomped leg is nearly fully healed.
Awkward: I lost sensation of the skin in the space inside the dog's jaw marks. Maybe from severed nerves, maybe from scar tissue build up.

Awesome: Homemade pizza!

Awesome: Using an elliptical machine that uses the energy I generate to power the gym.  Cool!


What's been awkward/awesome in YOUR week?