Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Break (thus far)

These days are seem eternal and yet are flying by so fast.  
So I feel the need to document.

I went to urgent care in the morning because my leg 
got infected and was given more antibiotics. 
Then I had lunch in San Francisco with my old coworkers.  
In the evening, I did crafting with my dear friend Steven.

Went to the San Franciso with Faja, Brutharrr and Steven. 
We got Blue Bottle Coffee (which everyone has raved about and was indeed, quite delicious).

We walked around the Ferry Building doing last minute shopping
And had lunch at the 21st Amendment Brewery.
(I have no pictures of the brewery but this is a puppy we saw outside)

We did an early Christmas celebration lunch with Dad's side of the family. 
Then we stopped by the Lagunitas Brewery.  
It was AWESOME. 
I wasn't feeling a big ol' glass of beer and they brought me a teeny one!
My brother knew enough about the brewery to give us a mini tour. 
He even showed me where the man cave was and the bartender up 
there regaled us with stories and free 16 ounces.

I opened gifts with Faja and Brutharrr in the morning.
I got Brutharrr a bracelet from this site with my 
nickname for him ("Patches") engraved on it.
Then went to my aunt and uncle's for Christmas with mom's side of the family.
My badass stepdad broke the potpourri-and-candles precedent for the 
gift exchange a few years ago when he brought bullet casings. 
The amount of weapons unwrapped has increased each year. 
Among the other weapons, there were 3 knives
This was one of them...

Pretty much stayed at home all day trying to rest my leg.  
Occasionally left the house to drive Faja around for errands 
(not only is his shoulder in a sling, making driving difficult, but his 
car got hit 3 weeks ago and is still in the shop)

Made cookie dough with Faja in the morning
Spent some of my gift cards
Saw Tin Tin with Madre, Brutharrr and The Littles.
(it was great, and I recommended it but I definitely appreciated it a lot 
more because I grew up with the comic books)
Went back to urgent care because my leg wasn't healing.
They gave me more antibiotics.
Baked cookies with Faja.

Did you guys have a lovely Christmas?


  1. Sounds like a pretty wonderful break. I'm glad you're getting some relaxation time in!

  2. 1. eat lots of yogurt! (the real kind with live cultures)
    2. The littles look so big....and like fashion bloggers...or models.... freaking me out.
    3. You are so pretty is stops me every time I come to a picture of you.

  3. Your wound isn't healing? Oh no! That must be really frustrating. I'm glad it didn't damper your holidays though.


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