Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's been awhile since I did one of those day-in-pictures posts...
Unfortunately, it was a day in cell phone pictures (apologies for the quality)

I woke at 6:45, went on a run and was maimed by pit bull on the way home (full story and gorey pictures below).
The next 2 hours were spent in the ER getting fixed up.

Today was supposed to be our super-special-sisters-day-out... 
Since I could hobble, albeit slowly and in pain, we charged ahead.

We went to the mall and got pastry treats, mocked Justin Bieber and tried on silly glasses...

Then the girls each made a Build-A-Bear...

Next we attended a birthday party with a special surprise...

It was a lot of fun!

Then we saw Arthur Christmas

It ended at 9pm, past the little's bedtime.  
They were quite silly by then.
My little drama queens.

As for the pit bull incident....
***** WARNING: Graphic Images********
I was jogging home when I saw a pit bull hurtling out of it's yard toward me.  I barely had time to think, "This thing's definitely gonna attack me!" when it launched.  Thank God my mom trained me how to deal with attacking dogs from a very young age (don't show fear,  yell and kick that thing in the head). I raised my leg to kick and it sunk it's teeth into my calf and shin.  I shook it off and kicked it squarely in the skull.  It backed away briefly then lunged again.  I was screaming at it by now and raised my foot again so the only thing in it's face was the sole of my shoe.  It backed away and lunged again.  This repeated a few times, then it backed away a bit farther, giving me time to dial home while yelling at the top of my lungs "SOMEONE HELP! PLEASE!"  My stepdad answered and immediately was on his way.  I called my boyfriend for distraction and moral support while keeping the dog and house in view. Several cars drove by and stared but no one stopped, nor emerged from any of the houses.  

Within 1.5 minutes, my stepdad was there and took me home.  My mom drove me to the ER while he went back to the house to confront the owner.  The dog had a shock collar on, which was supposed to keep it inside the boundaries of the fence so the owners had left the gate open.  As my dad put it, "A shock collar on a pit bull is as effective as an ankle-monitoring bracelet on Lindsay Lohan. They are impervious to pain." The owner didn't believe his dog could've left the yard to do this until my stepdad showed him the fresh  pools of blood.  
Meanwhile, at the ER, they didn't stitch me, which is common for dog bites (something to do with less chance of infection?) and after an X-ray that showed I had an air bubble in the wound (plus a miscellaneous 2 hours), they discharged me with antibiotics.  The irrigation of the wound was the worst of the pain.  
As for what's next, it's a waiting game.  The ER mandates that animal control gets involved and while at first I was trying feverishly to think of ways to make sure the dog wasn't put down, some sense was talked into me... First off, it's not in my hands.  Secondly, I'm a 25 year old, healthy, 6 foot tall woman who knows how to defend against dog attacks and I not only lost a whole lot of blood from just one bite, I also had a hell of a time making sure it was only one bite.  If I had turned to run, it would've taken me down from behind easily and then would've gone for my neck, face or head.  If it had been someone smaller in my place, or a child, or an elderly person, they wouldn't have stood much of a chance.  And the owners never heard me scream.  While I feel wretched at the thought of an animal being put down, I would also feel wretched if someone else got hurt later.  I don't know what's going to happen but I also know I can't do anything right now.
Oh and p.s. I did have mace on me but there wasn't enough time to kick my leg in the first place, let alone click the safety lever and I don't know that it would've stopped the dog in the first place...


  1. Oh my gosh, that's scary! I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt. The owners' training and handling of that dog is the saddest part of the situation to me. :(

    P.S. Glad you had fun with your sisters!!

  2. oh man! how scary! and like you said, i hate to think what would have happened if you had been a small child. :-/ i'm glad you were ok!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am glad you are okay! and I am really glad you knew how to properly defend yourself.

  4. i can't believe this! i imagine how you must feel about the dog, but do not feel ANY guilt. like you said, it's out of your hands. that owner is the one who should feel guilty because most dogs are who they are due to how they were raised. i am glad you are doing better, but so sorry to hear about all the pain and trauma you had to go through!

  5. Holy crap! You are so awesome for fighting off a pit bull! I would for sure have been one of those people on the ground. Glad to hear you are okay!

  6. I'm so glad you're okay! I can't believe that. Please keep us posted how you are feeling and healing.

  7. This is my biggest fear when I go on runs, especially since Levi is always with me when I run.

    I am so thankful you are okay but man that was scary!!

    You are such an awesome big sissy!! It looks like you three had a wonderful time together!

  8. Oh my gosh!!! So glad you're okay! And way to get him off! Hugs and virtual flowers <3

  9. oh wow. glad you still managed a sisters day with the littles, and that you are okay! (also, this is really gross and weird, but thanks for sharing pictures of your puncture wounds! i've never seen any before!)

    while i empathize that animals shouldn't be unnecessarily put down, this particular dog should be. the owners clearly have not trained it to be trusted in a residential area and were not monitoring it appropriately -- it is entirely their responsibility. like you said, were this anyone else on that sidewalk, it would likely have ended with far worse than a limp and some antibiotics! glad you are alright!

  10. So glad you are ok. What a woman you are, fighting off a pit bull. And what a sister you are, still taking the little's out for a day of fun. You are such a cool big sister!

  11. YIKES! that's so scary. I'm glad you're ok. I agree above. If you have a dog, you shoudl be responsible to train it or have it trained otherwise it's cruel to own a dog that is hostile and prone to harm someone else.

    Glad you're ok. That blood looks gnarly though! ive been saying that i wanted to run with a taser for a while now, i would have tased the hell out of that dog! no joke!

  12. Okay-kicking a pit bull in the face is the most hardcore thing EVER. Glad you are okay, and while I am also sorry that the dog might get put down...that's kind of what happens. I am appalled that no one stopped to help you. I would have...

  13. Horrible!

    I definitely emphasize that the dog shouldn't be put down. HOWEVER, the owner clearly wasn't equipped to handle any dog--there's no excuse for ANY dog to run out and attack you! Bad owners!

    Shock collars are more effective on SMALL dogs (aka pugs) not medium to large.

    I have complete sympathy for your dog bite--my dog had an allergy seizure and bit my hand so bad it necessitated an ER visit, discussion of stitches (nope), and the worst pain in the universe: wound irrigation.

  14. That is terrifying -- I'm so glad that you knew what to do and were able to defend yourself against multiple bites. You are such a champ to still have such an awesome day with your sisters.

  15. OMG! that is awful! You are much calmer about this than I would be. But I'm glad I now know what to do in case of a dog attack. Hope it heals quickly!

  16. What what what?! How did this happen? I'm glad you're okay, for the most part. It gives me chills just thinking about this, and how it could have gone down...

    Growing up, my parent had irresponsible neighbors that let their dog run everywhere. One time, it ran up our driveway and almost got my littlest sister, who was a toddler. I don't know if it was trying to bite or play, but I scooped her up and by then my mom was outside because we were screaming. There is NO excuse for dog owners to be irresponsible, especially at the risk of someone else!!

    ps. My sister wasn't hurt.


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