Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 29

 Awkward: Being attacked by a pit bull.
Awesome: Knowing I can defend myself.

Awkward: Dangerous sidewalks.

Awesome: Samples.

Awesome: Getting presents from the various friends I saw today.
Awkward: Having nothing for them...

Awkward AND Awesome: The following conversation last Saturday night
Littlest Little: Tomorrow doesn't feel like the weekend still.  It feels like an icky school day.
Me: Why's that?
Littlest Little: Because you're leaving.

Awesome: Going to Santa Cruz for a haircut and Christmas shopping.
Awkward: Forgetting my morning dose of antibiotics so I had to go home without the Christmas shopping.

Awesome: Being told by the doctor on Monday that my leg was healing great.
Awkward: The wound getting infected last night.
Back to urgent care we go...

Awesome: Making Christmas gifts by the fire.

Awesome: Having my Faja take care of my injuries.
Awkward: Having my Faja take care of my injuries with his one good arm (he had shoulder surgery in early December).
Awkward x 2: With Brutharr's retinal surgery in late November, that puts all 3 of us in the hospital within 3 weeks of each other.

Awesome: Getting to reunite with lots of my family and friends.
Awkward: Driving 4 hours Sunday, 3 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Tuesday, 3 hours on Wednesday and 2.5 hours today to make those reunions happen.
(And not spending enough time with each person)

Awesome: Boyfriend fellow is flying home early from the east coast to spend New Year's with me.
Awkward: His flight gets in right around the time I'm supposed to testify at the hearing for this dog bite incident.

Awesome: Getting to spend some time with my dear friend and her baby.
Awesome x 2: Attending a baby music class with them (CUTENESS OVERLOAD)
Awkward: Taking roughly 700 photos of said baby throughout the afternoon.
That's a loooot of editing.

Tell me YOUR awkward/awesomes for the week!


  1. That sidewalk be crazy! Watch out!

    Adorable baby overload is right... so cute! :)

  2. Such a cute thing your sister said to you. And as for the baby overload, it doesn't stop even when they are your own. I take about 1000 pictures a month (no exaggeration). I have to dump photos onto an external hard drive all the time. But, my kids are so cute, I can't resist it!

    Awesome & Awkward: My Christmas present coming the form of your awkward/awesome post!


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