Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 28

Awesome: I finished my first quarter!!!

Awesome: Planning a surprise birthday lunch party for my boss.
Awkward: She's so busy, we had to schedule a 'meeting' to get her to be at the right place at the right time.
Awkward: She tried to have the reschedule and/or cancel the meeting all week.
Awesome: She finally agreed to come.
Awkward: ....45 minutes later than the original plan.  We were starving and she'd already eaten.

Awesome: A coworker's idea to make a poster with us spelling out Happy Birthday.

I was the Y...

Awesome: Making a gingerbread house with the boyfriend-fellow.
Awkward: ...Complete with a dog pooping in the front yard.  I love us.

Awkward AND Awesome: Waking up at 5am to take the boyfriend-fellow to the airport
I was tired but it was fun to be up that early.

Awesome: Coming home for the Little's Christmas play.  If I don't post again, it's because I died of adorableness overload.

Awesome: Being able to pick a snack from my yard at home.

Awesome: Our Buddha's Hand tree
Isn't that cool?!

Awesome: The doodles that the Littles did on my phone...
Your turn! What's awkward/awesome with YOU guys?!


  1. I love your outfit in your "y" picture. You always look so fabulous! And a dog pooping in the yard of a gingerbread house? That is awesome, not awkward!

    Awesome: Deciding to do 12 surprise dates of Christmas for the husband.
    Awkward: Realizing I so don't have enough people to babysit to make it happen.
    Awesome: Just taking the kids along for the adventure...and realizing that's life.

  2. "boyfriend-fellow" makes me smile so big... I love, love. Does BF-F read the blog?

  3. Love the birthday poster and I'm jealous you have producing fruit trees in your yard! I'd love to get a Mayer lemon or orange tree one day...

  4. Awesome: Finding secret comments from you on my blog that answered a question I had asked you on your blog!

    Awkward: Inviting guests to our staff holiday party and the guests were late (we were startving too, it was a luncheon!)

    Awesome: Having a husband who takes care of me when I am fighting a very unattractive flu bug (or food poisoning?) that kept me up puking all night Sunday.

    Awesome: Being back on solid foods again.

  5. How did people make the Hs? Or R? That's a hard letter. Love your roundup as usual!

  6. Jessica - Going with the flow... I like it! That's what makes for a happy, relaxed family.
    Autumn - No, he doesn't as far as I know. I've debated back and forth whether I want him to. But him NOT reading it is why I don't post pictures of him... I don't think it's fair to do that.
    Charlotte - Yeah, it's such a treat being home! I want to have fruit producing trees someday too...
    KillerB - :) Glad you liked it! I'm sorry to read you were sick!!!
    E - For the H, we used 2 people, but the B was impressive... Thank to the labmate who does yoga. She curved one leg out and one arm out.

  7. Haha! The dog pooping! I love it!

  8. Inspired by you. P.S. love the dog poop. Hahahaha :)


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