Thursday, December 8, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 27

It's THUUuurrsssday! You know what that means! My one blog post of the week (sad, I know...  I'm hoping to blog more over break)

Awkward: Usually, I come to work in my gym clothes, work out and then change.  I invariable forget things so I often end up wearing running shoes with my dress or a sports bra with my blouse.
Awkward x 2: The other day, I had to run errands first so I switched it up and brought my gym clothes in a bag.  Since, as we all know, I invariably forget things, I had to work out wearing my tights.  I felt like a fool.

Awkward: My big, giant, scary final for statistics is today.  EEeep!
Awesome x a bajillion: Having my boyfriend make me a finals survival box including s'mores makings, his favorite book, some studying music, the best cheese he's ever tasted and a sweatshirt that smells like him.
I melt....

Awesome: Procrastination...

Awesome: There's a salad bar right next to my work.
Awkward: My cutlery accumulation... (I'm bad about bringing back the silverware)

Awesome: The mongolian costume my mom made for littlest in one night.

Awkward: Stepping on my brand new bottle of lotion that dad brought me from South Korea

Awesome: I was able to get most of it back in the bottle.
Awesome x 2: The stain doesn't show.  Yay for my kindergarten-classroom-style carpet.

Awkward: The mass of undergrads that cluster the halls for office hours around finals time.
It's just like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.  They're not scary til there's a big, quiet flock of them that all simultaneously look up at you as you approach...

Awesome: Going on a fancy-schmancy date.
Awkward: Being the last ones at a restaurant...
Awesome: Playing dice with the servers.


  1. "They're not scary til there's a big, quiet flock of them that all simultaneously look up at you as you approach..."

    AWESOME. =)

  2. Oooh, boyfriend!! He sounds so nice!

    And those underclassmen.. heh heh..

  3. I want to hear more about this creative, caring boyfriend!

  4. Ditto KillerB about the boyfriend. Love the toes! I hope you kicked some butt on the test!!


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