Friday, December 30, 2011


It took me 3 hours to fall asleep last night, but I don't mind.
I can't remember the last time I lay awake with giddiness.
I'm over-the-moon excited because Boyfriend-fellow is flying here TODAY!
I wanted to make a list of things to do with him while he was in town so I enlisted the help of The Littles.
This is what they came up with...
In case you can't read my handwriting....
"Scratch his chest... Well, you can scratch his chest cuz I can't reach" - Littlest Little
"Go and do something fun... Something that he wants to do, too." -Biggest Little
"Show him my room." -Littlest Little
"Show him my bottlecap collection." - Biggest Little
"Our school." - Littlest Little
"Chipotle!" - Biggest Little

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Break (thus far)

These days are seem eternal and yet are flying by so fast.  
So I feel the need to document.

I went to urgent care in the morning because my leg 
got infected and was given more antibiotics. 
Then I had lunch in San Francisco with my old coworkers.  
In the evening, I did crafting with my dear friend Steven.

Went to the San Franciso with Faja, Brutharrr and Steven. 
We got Blue Bottle Coffee (which everyone has raved about and was indeed, quite delicious).

We walked around the Ferry Building doing last minute shopping
And had lunch at the 21st Amendment Brewery.
(I have no pictures of the brewery but this is a puppy we saw outside)

We did an early Christmas celebration lunch with Dad's side of the family. 
Then we stopped by the Lagunitas Brewery.  
It was AWESOME. 
I wasn't feeling a big ol' glass of beer and they brought me a teeny one!
My brother knew enough about the brewery to give us a mini tour. 
He even showed me where the man cave was and the bartender up 
there regaled us with stories and free 16 ounces.

I opened gifts with Faja and Brutharrr in the morning.
I got Brutharrr a bracelet from this site with my 
nickname for him ("Patches") engraved on it.
Then went to my aunt and uncle's for Christmas with mom's side of the family.
My badass stepdad broke the potpourri-and-candles precedent for the 
gift exchange a few years ago when he brought bullet casings. 
The amount of weapons unwrapped has increased each year. 
Among the other weapons, there were 3 knives
This was one of them...

Pretty much stayed at home all day trying to rest my leg.  
Occasionally left the house to drive Faja around for errands 
(not only is his shoulder in a sling, making driving difficult, but his 
car got hit 3 weeks ago and is still in the shop)

Made cookie dough with Faja in the morning
Spent some of my gift cards
Saw Tin Tin with Madre, Brutharrr and The Littles.
(it was great, and I recommended it but I definitely appreciated it a lot 
more because I grew up with the comic books)
Went back to urgent care because my leg wasn't healing.
They gave me more antibiotics.
Baked cookies with Faja.

Did you guys have a lovely Christmas?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 29

 Awkward: Being attacked by a pit bull.
Awesome: Knowing I can defend myself.

Awkward: Dangerous sidewalks.

Awesome: Samples.

Awesome: Getting presents from the various friends I saw today.
Awkward: Having nothing for them...

Awkward AND Awesome: The following conversation last Saturday night
Littlest Little: Tomorrow doesn't feel like the weekend still.  It feels like an icky school day.
Me: Why's that?
Littlest Little: Because you're leaving.

Awesome: Going to Santa Cruz for a haircut and Christmas shopping.
Awkward: Forgetting my morning dose of antibiotics so I had to go home without the Christmas shopping.

Awesome: Being told by the doctor on Monday that my leg was healing great.
Awkward: The wound getting infected last night.
Back to urgent care we go...

Awesome: Making Christmas gifts by the fire.

Awesome: Having my Faja take care of my injuries.
Awkward: Having my Faja take care of my injuries with his one good arm (he had shoulder surgery in early December).
Awkward x 2: With Brutharr's retinal surgery in late November, that puts all 3 of us in the hospital within 3 weeks of each other.

Awesome: Getting to reunite with lots of my family and friends.
Awkward: Driving 4 hours Sunday, 3 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Tuesday, 3 hours on Wednesday and 2.5 hours today to make those reunions happen.
(And not spending enough time with each person)

Awesome: Boyfriend fellow is flying home early from the east coast to spend New Year's with me.
Awkward: His flight gets in right around the time I'm supposed to testify at the hearing for this dog bite incident.

Awesome: Getting to spend some time with my dear friend and her baby.
Awesome x 2: Attending a baby music class with them (CUTENESS OVERLOAD)
Awkward: Taking roughly 700 photos of said baby throughout the afternoon.
That's a loooot of editing.

Tell me YOUR awkward/awesomes for the week!

Monday, December 19, 2011


You guys! Thanks for all the supportive comments on my last blog post!
It meant a lot to me reading them.
I'm hoping to write more about it when I'm not so zonked 
(but the last few days have been a whirlwind and I'm off to bed)

Sunday was THREE of the girl's stuffed bear's birthdays.  

So us sisters went out...

Look at how fashionable the little ladies are!

We got bagels and croissants...

I love their eating face....

Then I began the migration to be with Faja and Brutharrr, 
stopping for the night with some dear friends of mine.
First we did a wine and cheese tasting...

Then we went back to their house (I love their decor!)
Then they made me dinner...

The gorgeous finished product...
It involved kale, acorn squash, barley...
As for my leg, it's healing well.  As of today, I no longer have 
to wrap it so the whole world gets to see this....

Also, we don't know the full situation yet, but apparently this
dog has a history of 'incidents' with animal control....

Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's been awhile since I did one of those day-in-pictures posts...
Unfortunately, it was a day in cell phone pictures (apologies for the quality)

I woke at 6:45, went on a run and was maimed by pit bull on the way home (full story and gorey pictures below).
The next 2 hours were spent in the ER getting fixed up.

Today was supposed to be our super-special-sisters-day-out... 
Since I could hobble, albeit slowly and in pain, we charged ahead.

We went to the mall and got pastry treats, mocked Justin Bieber and tried on silly glasses...

Then the girls each made a Build-A-Bear...

Next we attended a birthday party with a special surprise...

It was a lot of fun!

Then we saw Arthur Christmas

It ended at 9pm, past the little's bedtime.  
They were quite silly by then.
My little drama queens.

As for the pit bull incident....
***** WARNING: Graphic Images********
I was jogging home when I saw a pit bull hurtling out of it's yard toward me.  I barely had time to think, "This thing's definitely gonna attack me!" when it launched.  Thank God my mom trained me how to deal with attacking dogs from a very young age (don't show fear,  yell and kick that thing in the head). I raised my leg to kick and it sunk it's teeth into my calf and shin.  I shook it off and kicked it squarely in the skull.  It backed away briefly then lunged again.  I was screaming at it by now and raised my foot again so the only thing in it's face was the sole of my shoe.  It backed away and lunged again.  This repeated a few times, then it backed away a bit farther, giving me time to dial home while yelling at the top of my lungs "SOMEONE HELP! PLEASE!"  My stepdad answered and immediately was on his way.  I called my boyfriend for distraction and moral support while keeping the dog and house in view. Several cars drove by and stared but no one stopped, nor emerged from any of the houses.  

Within 1.5 minutes, my stepdad was there and took me home.  My mom drove me to the ER while he went back to the house to confront the owner.  The dog had a shock collar on, which was supposed to keep it inside the boundaries of the fence so the owners had left the gate open.  As my dad put it, "A shock collar on a pit bull is as effective as an ankle-monitoring bracelet on Lindsay Lohan. They are impervious to pain." The owner didn't believe his dog could've left the yard to do this until my stepdad showed him the fresh  pools of blood.  
Meanwhile, at the ER, they didn't stitch me, which is common for dog bites (something to do with less chance of infection?) and after an X-ray that showed I had an air bubble in the wound (plus a miscellaneous 2 hours), they discharged me with antibiotics.  The irrigation of the wound was the worst of the pain.  
As for what's next, it's a waiting game.  The ER mandates that animal control gets involved and while at first I was trying feverishly to think of ways to make sure the dog wasn't put down, some sense was talked into me... First off, it's not in my hands.  Secondly, I'm a 25 year old, healthy, 6 foot tall woman who knows how to defend against dog attacks and I not only lost a whole lot of blood from just one bite, I also had a hell of a time making sure it was only one bite.  If I had turned to run, it would've taken me down from behind easily and then would've gone for my neck, face or head.  If it had been someone smaller in my place, or a child, or an elderly person, they wouldn't have stood much of a chance.  And the owners never heard me scream.  While I feel wretched at the thought of an animal being put down, I would also feel wretched if someone else got hurt later.  I don't know what's going to happen but I also know I can't do anything right now.
Oh and p.s. I did have mace on me but there wasn't enough time to kick my leg in the first place, let alone click the safety lever and I don't know that it would've stopped the dog in the first place...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 28

Awesome: I finished my first quarter!!!

Awesome: Planning a surprise birthday lunch party for my boss.
Awkward: She's so busy, we had to schedule a 'meeting' to get her to be at the right place at the right time.
Awkward: She tried to have the reschedule and/or cancel the meeting all week.
Awesome: She finally agreed to come.
Awkward: ....45 minutes later than the original plan.  We were starving and she'd already eaten.

Awesome: A coworker's idea to make a poster with us spelling out Happy Birthday.

I was the Y...

Awesome: Making a gingerbread house with the boyfriend-fellow.
Awkward: ...Complete with a dog pooping in the front yard.  I love us.

Awkward AND Awesome: Waking up at 5am to take the boyfriend-fellow to the airport
I was tired but it was fun to be up that early.

Awesome: Coming home for the Little's Christmas play.  If I don't post again, it's because I died of adorableness overload.

Awesome: Being able to pick a snack from my yard at home.

Awesome: Our Buddha's Hand tree
Isn't that cool?!

Awesome: The doodles that the Littles did on my phone...
Your turn! What's awkward/awesome with YOU guys?!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card 2012

You try and take ONE good Christmas photo...

And this is what you get...
What darlings sisters I have :)