Friday, November 18, 2011

**WARNING** Not for the squeamish

(Thank goodness it's fixed.)

**** This post has pictures with blood in them ********

4 years ago, my brother got mugged....
His vision in his right eye has been a bit wonky ever since.
On Wednesday (one family optometrist and three eye specialists later), 
he was finally diagnosed with a detaching retina.

Thursday morning, he had surgery.
THIS surgery...

He's fine...

Thank goodness.
Love you, Brutharrrr!

We're all so relieved that it is finally figured out AND fixed now.
Have you guys ever known someone with retinal surgery? Isn't it SO crazy???


  1. How scary that he was mugged!!! Did you ever find out why? Or was it random? So glad that his eye is better. Drs are so amazing

  2. My grandpa and uncle both have. And my dad actually had a small tear in his that the doctor fixed in the office last week. They just number him and got out the laser. Crazy.

  3. Dang, if only this would have happened closer to Halloween... he would have a zombie costume all set!

    Just kidding. So glad your brother is back to 100%!

  4. good for your brother! i can't imagine going 4 years with crazy vision.

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  6. @ Lindsay: My friends and I went to a late night movie at an upscale shopping center and thought it would be cool to take home the Live Free or Die Hard standee. It wouldn't fit into anyone's car so my friend Jimmy and I elected to carry it the mile and a half back to Jimmy's house. Before we were even out of the shopping center this truck rolled up alongside us and the driver asked us if we had paid for the poster. We replied that we had not but asked what concern it was of his. He retorted that he couldn't abide people "stealing from his hood". Before we knew what was happening the truck pulled over and four Bros and their trashy girlfriend popped out and jumped us.


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