Saturday, November 12, 2011

One of those Saturdays

Today's one of those Saturdays. You know the type... The Saturdays where you take a shower and then change back into your PJs.

Does anyone else remember Bananas in Pajamas?
I don't think I ever watched it but I sure do get the song 
stuck in my head a lot.

It's raining.
I'm writing essays.
I love it.


  1. i love those days! pajamas are the best. and i do remember the bananas in pajamas, although i did not watch it either. what a strange little show.

  2. I love pajamas, sweats, yoga pants...and Saturday pretty much begs for such apparel. I'm glad you got to enjoy the day in such comfort.

    P.S. For the apple cider vinegar, I would say test it on a smaller spot of skin to see how you react. I know many people who use, my skin is just a little too sensitive. And you should definitely try out an egg nog latte (or egg nog chai)!

  3. Toally loved your bananas in pajamas pic, I remember them!!! Some days are just pj days :)

  4. I love showering and getting into my pjs again. :D And I remember Bananas in Pajamas but I never watched it.

  5. Saturdays in PJS are the BEST! I kindof did that today too :)


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