Sunday, November 13, 2011

Older and Wiser

10 years ago, feeling cooped up and angsty from too much book report writing, I had the urge to do something drastic... 

Being young, I dyed my hair a bright color.

10 years later, feeling cooped up and angsty from too much National Science Foundation grant application writing, I again had the urge to do something drastic...

Being much older, I dyed my hair a subtle color.
Ah, wisdom.

What do you do when you feel this way? 
Sometimes I rearrange my furniture or leave a note for a stranger.


  1. I often go on major cleaning campaigns when school work is weighing me down. I love the immediate results cleaning brings, especially when the work is slow going.

  2. Your (hot) red hair was super cute.

    it reminded me of kate winslet in eternal sunshin.


  3. I love this post!! And I love your hairs! haha!

    *I usually like to go for a long walk or do some sort of exercise. Cleaning also does the trick.

  4. LOVE your hair. Hot stuff. Your old (super red) hair was awesome! You look like Lilu from the 5th element!

    I totally rearrange everything, put up new art work, make new artwork or bake something very out of the norm.

  5. I'm kind of into the bright color...though the subtle color looks great on you.

    I tend to cut my hair off or rearrange things.

  6. Once I got a new job after 5 years at another place. Another time I pierced my nose.

    That's a bout it. The two most dramatic things I ever did for need of change. Most of the time I just hold my breath and wait for things to "smooth out". But I usually need more catharsis than just that. Dying my hair has tempted me many times, but I've never had the courage.

  7. I dye my hair too! Actually I dyed my hair on Wednesday and the color is similar to yours - a red/black/purple sort of color. I wish it was more purple, but c'est la vie.

    When I'm antsy, I also will take Kendel for a walk or cook!

  8. I am a hair-color addict...however, my husband recently commented that he doesn't know what my natural hair color is...I told him that neither do I...and so I promised him I would grow it out. Can I just tell you that it is REALLY HARD!!!!???? I have Manic Panic cotton candy pink IN MY BATHROOM CLOSET!! And bleach!!! Gaaaah!!!
    Also, you are gorgeous. And I think my hair was that same orangey red , but it was like 15 years ago.


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