Thursday, November 24, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 25

Awesome: Driving home for Thanksgiving
Awkward AND Awesome: It only took me 11.5 hours (instead of 7.5). I'm thankful, given that it WAS the day before Thanksgiving...

Awesome: Getting a Thanksgiving text in spanish!
Awkward: ...From a stranger.

Awesome and awesome: A pi pie.

Awesome: Being invited to a Be Like Mike party (it was a joint birthday party for two guys named Mike), which required that everyone dress like a Michael.
Awkward: Not having time to make a costume.
Awesome: All I had to do to go as Mike Tyson was draw on a face tattoo.
I just bit anyone who asked who I was
Awesome x 2: The party was fantastic.... Other costumes included Michael Jordan, Mike and Ike, Archangel Michael, Michael Scott, Michaelangelo....

Awkward: Finding out that pumpkin pie crust has lard in it (I'm vegetarian)
Awesome: I didn't like pumpkin pie crust anyways.

Awesome: Sistar hugz

Awkward: 6.5 hours of stats studying session.  TOO MUCH.

Awkward: Walking home in the rain when I didn't want to walk home in the rain
Awkward x 2: When I started to pick up the pace, my keyring broke and I had to crawl around in the dark, finding 8 keys in various puddles.

What are YOU thankful and not-so-thankful 
for this Thanksgiving?


  1. Ugh, the dark rainy weather can be a downer, but having to crawl around on the ground in it is much worse. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

  2. I love your pi pie and that costume is great!! Finding keys in the rain must have sucked! I'm glad you're home with your sissies!

  3. pie crust doesn't have to have lard in it. butter is my preferred fat, though cream cheese and vegetable shortening are also acceptable. =)

    i have a pi plate ( -- my wonderful geeky little brother gave it to me when i went away to college. i want to give him the matching pi pizza stone (, if it's ever stocked again.

  4. Love the pi pie! And the Mike party sounds like a ton of fun. Michael Jackson would be an easy pick, but I like Mike and Ike.


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