Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 24

Awesome: Bigger Little sent me an outfit picture!
Little does she know, this is just gonna make
me more likely to steal her clothes 
(I still can't believe she and I can share clothes now! So crazy...)

Awkward: Trying to parallel park my car into a teensy space but getting too nervous.
Awesome: My friend got out and directed me from outside.
Awkward: She directed me right into the car behind.
Awesome: There was no damage.

Awkward AND Awesome: Some of the contents of this salad bar....
Some healthy fruit aaannnnd slabs of cake.

Awesome: My favorite fruit is in season!!!
(Not the softy, yucky kind though)

Awesome: My sister's Halloween outfits.
Awkward: Posting them this late...

Awesome: Working my BUTT OFF this weekend on a grant application (7 hours on Friday, 8 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday).
Awkward: Missing the deadline by 4 minutes.
Awesome: Somehow, the system hadn't closed yet and still accepted it.
 Me in the midst of grant writing.

Awkward: Trying to shave my armpits while brushing my teeth. 
I think this means I need to slow down my morning routine....

Awesome: Going to the gym at 7:30am on a Sunday.
Awkward: They open at 9:30am...
Awesome: Deciding to run outside for once
Awkward: Remembering why I can't (bad knees).
Awesome: Unbeknownst to me, the littles ran outside the same day I did! 

Awesome: Brutharrr and his friend came down for the weekend.
Awkward: I only had one blanket.
Awesome: It's not too cold here.

Awesome: Bright sunny foggy days.

What has been hilarious and awesome in YOUR week?


  1. the littles! those outfits! and the costumes! they're WONDERFUL! =)

    also, running isn't good for your body, so you can be justified in not doing it. =) long walks are much better!

  2. i have never had a persimmon...i will have to try them! how mad would you have been if your grant hadn't been accepted? phew!

  3. Awesome: A proper date with my partner last Saturday.
    Awkward: Having a fight between dinner and dessert.

  4. Nice self portrait!

    Awkward: while changing Isla's diaper, I kept finding random poop on things.
    Awkward x2: discovering poop was on my sweater and everywhere I moved got poop on stuff.
    Awesome: Isla's poop doesn't yet smell and easily wiped off my sweater.

  5. What do you make/how do you eat persimmons? I'm so intrigued.

  6. Your sister's outfit is so cute!! She is adorable!!

    I am also curious about persimmons. You are the third person I see writing about them.

  7. Katie - Wha?! I'd love to hear more about this... Is it just bad for your joints or more?

    Two birds - I would've been so, so, so sad.

    Noelle - Isn't that just the way of it? I'm sorry to hear that.

    Jessica - Awww! That takes the cake! Dealing with a baby is a whole new level of awkward/awesome.

    E - I just love biting into the Fuyu persimmons raw. Like an apple. But you can cut them up into slices if you'd like. The skin is edible and there's no core.

    Lea - Thanks! I'll pass your compliment on to my sister. And see my response to E above for how I eat persimmons. Who else wrote about them?

  8. I love how serious Big Little is in her outfit pictures! :D It's adorable. I also love, love, love their Halloween costumes! Super cute, but bada** too. Don't tell them I swore about that.


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