Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 23

Awesome: Being so comfortable at work, I'm okay curling my hair, doing my makeup, etc at my desk. 
Awkward: Being walked in on by a lab-mate while changing into my gym clothes.
Okay, I'll scale it back.

Awesome: Somehow, a literature class got assigned to comment on my book review blog post for extra credit. I love it.

Awkward: Remember that midterm I was so excited to be done with? Yeah, failed.
Less Awkward: So did a lot of the class.
Awkward x 2: Even compared to them, I still got an awful grade.

Awesome: Planning a double date to a theater with la-z-boy chairs, fancy food and drink...
Awkward: The actual date (you can't talk at a movie... dur Rachael...).

Awesome: Remembering to wish Brutharrr a happy birthday this morning.
Awkward: Forgetting to wish my stepdad a happy birthday last week.
Awkward x 2: I still haven't rectified that last one....

Awesome: The egg(nog) hunt is over! It's in stores!!!

Awesome: Nerdy/sweet stats joke from a friend who wanted me to come to a party

Awkward: Not carving my pumpkin before Halloween.
Awesome: Better late than never!
Awesome x 2: Throwing pumpkin guts at the fridge.  It makes a most pleasing sound.

Awesome: It rarely rains here.
Awkward: When it does, I'm unprepared and don't have an umbrella.
Awesome: My lab keeps spares (just so we can bring them to our experimental subjects outside)

Awkward: I was so flustered that when I brought just such a spare to meet my subject, I walked halfway back to the lab before remembering to offer it to them.

Awkward: Driving 15 hours roundtrip for 7 hours of hanging out.
Awesome: It was worth it to go to Brutharr's bday
Awesome x 2: I got to catch up with people on the way there and listen to 4.5 hours of Science Friday  on the way back.
Awesome: Having a rare softening of my heart towards my dad's evil dog and letting her sleep with me while I was visiting.
Awkward: Being woken at 6:45 am by her morning cleaning ritual (I'll spare you the details of where she was focusing on).

I don't know if was the slurping sound or the vibration of the bed that fully woke me.

Awesome: The 3 day weekend.  I need it.

Your turn! Share you awkward/awesomes this week in the comments below and make my day!


  1. i needed your funny post today! while they make me laugh every week, this week i especially needed it. thanks! =)

  2. I still have pumpkin guts in the fridge.. we really need to bake the seeds. They are just so yummy!

  3. you are adorable, and i love you. =)

    how awesome is it that your book review became people's extra credit?!? get outta town! =)

    i was very, very torn when i saw eggnog in the grocery store last week. on the one hand, i LOVE eggnog. love love love. i would happily consume all my holiday season calories in eggnog. (well, maybe half, just to not miss out on all the other great stuff.)'s too soon! it was the day after halloween! eggnog and christmas music aren't okay until the thanksgiving turkey is cold!...not that that will stop me from enjoying either in the meantime (i'll just feel guilty about it). =)

    i never carve pumpkins anymore, because i'd rather bake with them. if you carve it, you can't cook it for puree. =) also, you reminded me of a food fight my mum and our french exchange student got into one night when i was in high school. there was watermelon gunk all over the kitchen, and a blob of it on the fridge that stayed there for at least a year. ew, but kind of awesome. =)


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