Monday, November 28, 2011

Pretty much a pound a day...

Remember this sweet puppy?
(from this post)

She's since gained a name (Bessa!)...

...aaaandd 26 lbs.
(that's nearly a pound per day!)

I wish I had a current picture.  
For your imagination: she now outweighs littlest-little
So this scene would be quite different....


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 25

Awesome: Driving home for Thanksgiving
Awkward AND Awesome: It only took me 11.5 hours (instead of 7.5). I'm thankful, given that it WAS the day before Thanksgiving...

Awesome: Getting a Thanksgiving text in spanish!
Awkward: ...From a stranger.

Awesome and awesome: A pi pie.

Awesome: Being invited to a Be Like Mike party (it was a joint birthday party for two guys named Mike), which required that everyone dress like a Michael.
Awkward: Not having time to make a costume.
Awesome: All I had to do to go as Mike Tyson was draw on a face tattoo.
I just bit anyone who asked who I was
Awesome x 2: The party was fantastic.... Other costumes included Michael Jordan, Mike and Ike, Archangel Michael, Michael Scott, Michaelangelo....

Awkward: Finding out that pumpkin pie crust has lard in it (I'm vegetarian)
Awesome: I didn't like pumpkin pie crust anyways.

Awesome: Sistar hugz

Awkward: 6.5 hours of stats studying session.  TOO MUCH.

Awkward: Walking home in the rain when I didn't want to walk home in the rain
Awkward x 2: When I started to pick up the pace, my keyring broke and I had to crawl around in the dark, finding 8 keys in various puddles.

What are YOU thankful and not-so-thankful 
for this Thanksgiving?

Friday, November 18, 2011

**WARNING** Not for the squeamish

(Thank goodness it's fixed.)

**** This post has pictures with blood in them ********

4 years ago, my brother got mugged....
His vision in his right eye has been a bit wonky ever since.
On Wednesday (one family optometrist and three eye specialists later), 
he was finally diagnosed with a detaching retina.

Thursday morning, he had surgery.
THIS surgery...

He's fine...

Thank goodness.
Love you, Brutharrrr!

We're all so relieved that it is finally figured out AND fixed now.
Have you guys ever known someone with retinal surgery? Isn't it SO crazy???

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 24

Awesome: Bigger Little sent me an outfit picture!
Little does she know, this is just gonna make
me more likely to steal her clothes 
(I still can't believe she and I can share clothes now! So crazy...)

Awkward: Trying to parallel park my car into a teensy space but getting too nervous.
Awesome: My friend got out and directed me from outside.
Awkward: She directed me right into the car behind.
Awesome: There was no damage.

Awkward AND Awesome: Some of the contents of this salad bar....
Some healthy fruit aaannnnd slabs of cake.

Awesome: My favorite fruit is in season!!!
(Not the softy, yucky kind though)

Awesome: My sister's Halloween outfits.
Awkward: Posting them this late...

Awesome: Working my BUTT OFF this weekend on a grant application (7 hours on Friday, 8 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday).
Awkward: Missing the deadline by 4 minutes.
Awesome: Somehow, the system hadn't closed yet and still accepted it.
 Me in the midst of grant writing.

Awkward: Trying to shave my armpits while brushing my teeth. 
I think this means I need to slow down my morning routine....

Awesome: Going to the gym at 7:30am on a Sunday.
Awkward: They open at 9:30am...
Awesome: Deciding to run outside for once
Awkward: Remembering why I can't (bad knees).
Awesome: Unbeknownst to me, the littles ran outside the same day I did! 

Awesome: Brutharrr and his friend came down for the weekend.
Awkward: I only had one blanket.
Awesome: It's not too cold here.

Awesome: Bright sunny foggy days.

What has been hilarious and awesome in YOUR week?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Older and Wiser

10 years ago, feeling cooped up and angsty from too much book report writing, I had the urge to do something drastic... 

Being young, I dyed my hair a bright color.

10 years later, feeling cooped up and angsty from too much National Science Foundation grant application writing, I again had the urge to do something drastic...

Being much older, I dyed my hair a subtle color.
Ah, wisdom.

What do you do when you feel this way? 
Sometimes I rearrange my furniture or leave a note for a stranger.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One of those Saturdays

Today's one of those Saturdays. You know the type... The Saturdays where you take a shower and then change back into your PJs.

Does anyone else remember Bananas in Pajamas?
I don't think I ever watched it but I sure do get the song 
stuck in my head a lot.

It's raining.
I'm writing essays.
I love it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 23

Awesome: Being so comfortable at work, I'm okay curling my hair, doing my makeup, etc at my desk. 
Awkward: Being walked in on by a lab-mate while changing into my gym clothes.
Okay, I'll scale it back.

Awesome: Somehow, a literature class got assigned to comment on my book review blog post for extra credit. I love it.

Awkward: Remember that midterm I was so excited to be done with? Yeah, failed.
Less Awkward: So did a lot of the class.
Awkward x 2: Even compared to them, I still got an awful grade.

Awesome: Planning a double date to a theater with la-z-boy chairs, fancy food and drink...
Awkward: The actual date (you can't talk at a movie... dur Rachael...).

Awesome: Remembering to wish Brutharrr a happy birthday this morning.
Awkward: Forgetting to wish my stepdad a happy birthday last week.
Awkward x 2: I still haven't rectified that last one....

Awesome: The egg(nog) hunt is over! It's in stores!!!

Awesome: Nerdy/sweet stats joke from a friend who wanted me to come to a party

Awkward: Not carving my pumpkin before Halloween.
Awesome: Better late than never!
Awesome x 2: Throwing pumpkin guts at the fridge.  It makes a most pleasing sound.

Awesome: It rarely rains here.
Awkward: When it does, I'm unprepared and don't have an umbrella.
Awesome: My lab keeps spares (just so we can bring them to our experimental subjects outside)

Awkward: I was so flustered that when I brought just such a spare to meet my subject, I walked halfway back to the lab before remembering to offer it to them.

Awkward: Driving 15 hours roundtrip for 7 hours of hanging out.
Awesome: It was worth it to go to Brutharr's bday
Awesome x 2: I got to catch up with people on the way there and listen to 4.5 hours of Science Friday  on the way back.
Awesome: Having a rare softening of my heart towards my dad's evil dog and letting her sleep with me while I was visiting.
Awkward: Being woken at 6:45 am by her morning cleaning ritual (I'll spare you the details of where she was focusing on).

I don't know if was the slurping sound or the vibration of the bed that fully woke me.

Awesome: The 3 day weekend.  I need it.

Your turn! Share you awkward/awesomes this week in the comments below and make my day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekends with Brutharrr

Last weekend, Brutharrr flew to visit me...
 (for littlest little's birthday party)

This weekend, I drove* to visit him...
 (for his birthday party)

And next weekend, he is gonna drive* to visit me!

Gosh I love being back near my family.

*drive = 7 hours
What did you guys do this weekend?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 22

Awesome: I'm done with my statistics midterm.

Awesome: Brutharrr came to visit this past weekend!
Awkward: This was a bad weekend for a visit as it was the last weekend before my big, scary statistics midterm.
Awesome: This was a great weekend for a visit as it was Littlest Little's birthday party (so we could just drive over there together).   All four of us siblings don't get to get together often...

Awesome x 2: This was also a great weekend for a visit as it was HALLOWEEN and there was a big party where all my friends were conveniently gathered in one place to meet my brother.

Awesome: Brutharrr's idea for a costume....
BMO/Beemo from Adventure Time!

Awesome x 2: Brutharrr let me help make it!

Awesome: Finding a last minute Batgirl costume.
Awkward: They only had teen sizes left.
Awesome: It fit.  So long as I wore tights.

Awesome: Brutharrr and Sissles finished product.

Awkward: Littlest little's exchange with my friend
Littlest: You've got 2 bumps on your neck.
Friend: Oh yeah?
Littlest: Yeah. Right... here.  They're red.

Friend: Hmm
Littlest: I think they're pimples.  This one has white stuff in the middle.

Awesome: I'm done with my statistics midterm!

Awesome: I can now officially share clothes with my sister.  My 11 year old sister.
Awesome x 2: She's got cool clothes.

Awesome: Going home for Littlest Little's birthday meant I got lunch at my favorite restaurant AND mom's cake (and coconut cream pie).  I died.

Awesome: I'm done with my statistics midterm!!

Awkward: I had a mild/moderate stomach flu for 7 entire days.

Awesome: My family got a new puppy!!!

Awkward: I got a text while driving some drunk people home.
Awesome: Since I was driving people, I could have one of them read the text to me.
Awkward: The text was about someone in the car.

Awesome: I'm done with my statistics midterm!!!

Awesome: Going out for pizza with some friends.
Awkward: Having back to back sports right after (volleyball then soccer)
Awesome: I refrained from eating pizza because I didn't want to run around powered by greasy cheese (go will power, go!).  Instead, I had a beer.
Awkward: I lost track of time and ended up having to go straight to the games powered by beer. 

Your turn!
What's been awkward/awesome in your life recently?
What did you dress as for Halloween?