Sunday, October 9, 2011


A few orders of business..

1) Happy half birthday to me. 

2) I thought the ZOO was a great place to see adorable kids.  I stand corrected.  Pumpkin patches, people.  You bring out the hay bales and the corn mazes and just wait. Like flies to honey.

3) Anyways, yesterday I went on a double date (squeal!) to a pumpkin patch and had a big ol' coincidence.
But it requires a back story...
See this weird fluffy tumor? 

That's Miriah, my sloth puppet.

See that thing on my bed? 
Miriah also.  17 years later.  A bit nappy.

I got Miriah when I was 8 and that was that.  She went EVERYWHERE with me.  I even used to talk to the cashiers while checking out at the grocery store with her.  Creepy, right?  She's been with me through EVERYTHING.  Every move, every up, every down. I even brought her with me to grad school interview weekends. 
Yesterday, I finally met the woman who made her.  She had a booth at the pumpkin patch with an assortment of glossy, brand new Miriah siblings.  It was totally an indie movie moment though... I started to tell her about how much this sloth puppet has meant to me, but then my sentence got cut off, the moment passed and before I knew it I was walking away, glancing backwards.

I wanna hear about YOUR one special stuffed 
animal or security blanket. 
Do you still carry it around? 

Miriah in the wild...


  1. Awww!!
    I had a Alf stuffed animal that went with me everywhere. But I didn't have a cool name for him or anything, cause you know, it's Alf. Hah.

  2. Happy happy birthday! Sounds like you had some fun!

  3. I have a sock monkey. I wondered if I should take it to the hospital when I go in labor, but I don't want it to get lost or ruined. Oh, and Connor loves playing with it.

  4. I had a blanket with the Peanuts gang on it that was my buddy. I remember coming close to melt down (who am I kidding? I was way past melt down) when my parents left me at my grandparents for the weekend and we forgot to bring the blanket. It was pretty much catastrophic.

    Your "Miriah in the Wild" shot is high-sterical, by the way.

  5. um... can I just say that uh... Miriah is a little creepy? A stuffed sloth? It's just uh... sorry. But it is.

    However, pictures of little Rach are nothing but adorable!!

    And pumpkin patches are a ringer for little kids. Apple orchards too.


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