Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 21

Heyo! Thursday means time for the awkward and awesomes to come out of the woodwork...

Awesome: At the end of a talk on the interaction between alcohol consumption and circadian rhythms, someone noted that the speaker had toted all these negative effects of alcohol consumption and he wondered what the positive effects were.  In other words, what's the societal advantage of keeping liquor around?
I joked that alcohol consumption increased population size, therefore it was evolutionarily advantageous.
Awkward: Among many other distinguished faculty and such, my statistics teacher was there and heard me.
Awesome: In class this week, he decided we should do hypothesis testing on a real example, namely that alcohol increases fertility rates.  He calls it the 'Rachael conjecture.' 

Awesome: The idea of this soup..
Awkward: The taste of it (musty)

Awesome: Finding this partially inflated giant balloon and proceeding to play with it for ~45 minutes.
Awesome x 2: Everyone else wanted to play with it, too so I made new friends!
*Faces blocked for privacy. :)

Awesome: This bush/leaf super man!
Awkward: I've passed it just about every day I've been here and never noticed before last week...

Awesome: Getting to go to lunch with a visiting speaker (read: free lunch + interesting conversations)
Awkward: This particular speaker was someone with whom I had interviewed with at another school and who had accepted me to his lab (which obviously I didn't pick....)
Awesome: He's such a sweetheart, it wasn't really awkward at all!

Awkward: The noise I emitted when I was slammed in the leg by a soccer ball.
Awesome: The bruise it left...

Awesome: I feel like I'm heading to Hogwarts when I go to the gym at night...

Awkward: Finding this staring down on at me from the cupboard by my desk.
Awesome: These are the kind of jokes my lab mates play on each other daily...

Awkward: Forgetting last week to ask you guys to put your awkward/awesomes in the comments below and being sad that I didn't get to read any of YOUR funny/great moments.... So share 'em below!


  1. that doll would creep me out! and yes, you're right, that soup does sound good. too bad it wasn't (ish, musty soup).

  2. That soccer ball impression is funny, but I imagine it hurt like heck. Once, playing indoor, I took a shot on goal to the forehead. It literally hit me so hard that it knocked me on my butt. That's awkward.

  3. Let us know how the Rachael conjucture goes! You're so nerdily funny.

  4. That balloon in the air is so cool!!!

    I love the jokes you and your lab mates play on each other. So fun!


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