Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 20

Awkward: EVERYTHING about my presentation yesterday (in front of faculty, too.... not just peers!)
Awkward x 2: Slicing open my finger instead of my bagel while rushing to begin my presentation...
Awesome: Making modern art.
Awesome x 2: Garnering some pre-talk sympathy.
Awkward: Having to learn in stats about rejecting the null hypothesis (saying one sample probably is or isn't from a certain population given it's extreme difference from the mean value).
Awesome: Having this made clear using real examples.
Awesome x 2: BEING the example...
Stats teacher: "Given the standard American woman's height and Rachael's measured height, we would would reject the hypothesis that Rachael is an American woman"

Awesome: Having my prosem teacher use a picture of me in her powerpoint to demonstrate how a face can be broken down via fourier analysis into it's spectral components.
Awkward: She used this photo from when half my face was numb post-dentist trip...
Awkward: This text from an unknown number...

*number has been changed
Awkward: For some reason, until Wednesday, I was the only first year grad student without my picture on the board.
Awesome: I got to pick a new picture than the one they lost so I chose to represent Batman (love ya, Brutharrr)

Backstory: This slide was in my talk (to explain about how the authors of the paper I was presenting weren't transforming their linear data into log data before making inferences about interactions*)
*Don't worry I don't really get it either... hence the title of the slide being a question mark
Awesome: One of the older, distinguished faculty said, "Ahem... I assume you're referring to the 'natural log' here?"
HAHAHA!  Nerd jokes make my world go round...

Awkward: Being reprimanded after forgetting to move the chairs back in a room after using them.
Awesome: After an apology email, the administrator told me, "Well... no one ever moves chairs back so I guess this means you're a real grad student now.  Welcome to the department."


  1. That text message... what..?! Lol!

  2. ugh. isn't being the example to the rest of the class the worse? when I was in driver's ed, the teacher used me as an example for how quickly I could get drunk, because of my small size. he was a real creep anyway, it wasn't the only inappropriate example he used students in that year...

  3. Your teacher using the post dentist picture of you made me laugh. I would have died if that was me! But I love the hypothesis of you not being American because of your size... I wonder what that makes you then.


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