Friday, September 30, 2011


I complimented someone as being 'muy chic' the other day.
So, my question to you is... Is that Spench? Or Franish?

Awwwww! The very last day of Fall Fashion Week! Sniffle!
It's okay though... I'm so behind in commenting, it'll still feel like Fall Fashion Week for a few more days at least.  The only difference will be the extra hour I'll get each morning as I go back to wearing PJs 24/7.  Just kidding.  Kinda.

Yup, no smiles today...  but not cuz I'm not overjoyed, I assure you.
The smile photos just looked ... off. 

dress - idle hands (santa cruz)
hoodie - bunny's (santa cruz)
boots - aldo
tights - ?
flower - claire's
ring - gifted from a friend
necklace - made by me, note from madre


 It's a real shell!
 this has a sweet note from my madre inside

First off, I wanted to thank Emery for hosting this week.  I know it's a lot of work and I really appreciate it.  Fashion Weeks not only result in me taking the time to dress a little nicer but more importantly, to notice the beauty in those around me.
Lastly, I wanted to thank YOU GUYS.  The sweet comments made my world go round.
I've loved finding inspiration in all your beautiful ensembles and even better, finding all these new people to follow.


  1. Oh Rach, what a lovely dress! You look like a ballerina. It's a sweet, feminine dress without being too "little girl".

    Okay, it's been decided: since I could never raid your closet (hello foot-height-difference!), I will raid your jewelry box. One of these days...

    (Though you already sent me a piece of awesome jewelry, so I'm not complaining [much].)

  2. oooh, that dress is super-cute on you. and i always like that ring when you bring it out. =) plus, that necklace with the note from your mum is probably the most adorable thing i've ever seen.

  3. I love it! What a great finale outfit!

  4. yes!! the red & pink together! Loooove. that dress is so darling. :) Your "muy chic" comment made me laugh, in the "out loud" sort of fashion. Thank YOU for joining in again- you are so much FUN!

  5. I love the way you combine color! Another adorable outfit :)

  6. I love that you added the red with the pastel dress. I'd never think of that. So lovely. And that ring. And that necklace. My favorite part though is the neckline on that dress. You look amazing!

  7. Cute, cute, cute!! Red tights look great with this dress! How fun!

  8. I love the pop of red! I would've never thought of that. And your details are fabulous.

  9. I'm going to start saying "muy chic." That dress is a winner!

  10. Those tights are AMAZING! And, do you really wear pjs all the time? I am not buying it given you are always posting pics of yourself in adorable outfits. I am thinking you are always a pretty fashionable gal.

  11. Well, let's start off the conversation with your jewelry. As usual... adorable. And apparently incredibly special since your necklace has a mama note inside!

    I love the red + pink combo you've got going! Love it. love it. love it. "Muy chic," indeed.


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