Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sorry for the blog absence... it's been a heck of a week (in the best possible way). 
Um, can I gush?

Apartment? BEAUTIFUL! It's giant, clean, comfortable, close to EVERYTHING... (Pictures below).
Apartment-mate? FANTASTIC! She's clean, respectful, easy going but lets me know when she does have a preference.
Advisor/mentor? My new favorite woman.  She's easy to talk to, incredibly smart, full of energy and extremely supportive.  Oh and a freakin' genius.  I'm going to a let's-make-personal-crests-to-decorate our-lab-with party at her house tonight.  Adorbs.
The program? Inspiring.... Full of amazing, creative and intelligent people.

I'm rolling in happy.

Here's my room before...
And after....
Standing on my desk...

Like The Princess and the Pea except without the pea.
When I close my closet door, this is what I see

My GIANT closet...

Here's the rest of the apartment...

The living room

Standing in the kitchen...

Our sweet bathroom set up...

We have SOOOOO much storage space, it's kinda ridiculous.  
Here's just ONE closet...
(We put the coffee table that was already here plus some of the sections of the couch in it).

 Now that I've got some semblance of a routine, I'm excited to catch up in blogland and I can't WAIT for Fall Fashion Week! It starts next Saturday! Eeep!

Are you guys up to anything fun this weekend?
Participating in Fashion Week?


  1. i want your closets. please? we only have one that's not plumbing-related, and it's puny.

    also -- i am totally a nester when it comes to bedding, so i have to say that i am LOVING your bed setup! looks like you put your own largerish (full? queen?) mattress on top of both the twin beds -- !!! such a cozy nest! i want it! =)

  2. I love the bed setup! Way to get creative and make the double room not awkward:)

  3. Rachael, I am so incredibly happy in your happiness. I can't wait to talk to you and hear you gush about everything. You are such a joy to be around - I'm sure everyone else is saying equally as wonderful things about you!

  4. It's so great! I'm so excited for you! I have to say that your bathroom set up is like the PERFECT situation for roommates -- yeah you share, but you've got your own space too, it looks like.

    Good job getting stuff up on the walls! That always makes a room feel like home to me :)


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