Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Faraway Land - Sunday and Monday (September 4th & 5th)

Sunday morning, the wand shop was open for business...

Then we took our camping friends to the lake for some fishin'!
Bigger little spent the whole time on the lake with her papa.  
*Not pictured: She took on the back rowing position! She's getting strong.

I'm not so much into the dead fish aspect of this as I am the water droplets falling off...

Littlest little and I played 'drawing lessons' together.
 Isn't she adorable?

This is my stepdad's face when Littlest little asked him to
bring back a fish that was a quarter size of the canoe.
"Yeah, no."

Lacking a zoom lens, I tried to utilize binoculars to 
capture a picture of the bald eagle we saw.
Not so much...

Monday, we packed and tried to enjoy the last day on the property.
The burners came back through town (the 'exodus'), so in the afternoon I hung around town making friends and taking pictures (but I'd feel weird putting their pictures on here without them knowing).


  1. Your littlest is the cutest! Her freckles are adorable.

    What kind of fish are those?

  2. Char - Aw, thanks! Yeah, I'm quite fond of the freckles. Bigger little has 'em on her upper lip, it's real cute even though it sounds like I'm describing a mustache. And to answer your question, they were rainbow trout.


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