Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 16

Awkward: Remember how I couldn't stop waking at 4am out of excitement?
Now I can't stop waking at 4am out of habit...

Awesome: My housemate and my accidental color-scheme theme....

Awesome: Being pro-active and dropping off my computer to get all sorts of goodies installed.
Awkward: When I went to pick it up, they were just screwing closed the bottom.  They'd had to vacuum a mass amount of dog hair out of it before they could even start to do anything else.

Awesome: Living 4 minutes from a self-serve froyo place.
Awkward: Having it 4 days in a row.

Awesome: Having a post-apocolyptic movie night, complete with a bed sheet fort and flashlights.

Awkward: NEEDING a haircut like no man's business but having money and not being within 450 miles of my usual hairdresser.
Awesome: Finding $40(!) and a local barber who I thought did a pretty decent job.
 Awkward: No one said a thing.  It's not that I was expecting to roll in admirations but it felt odd not even getting the standard (non-complimentary), "You got your haircut!"  People looked at me, my hair, then away (adhering, I assume, to the ol' "if you don't have anything nice to say..." adage).

Awesome: I love my new cohort so much, I have dreams of us just hanging out and belly laughing.
Awkward: I wake myself up laughing.  At 4am.  Of course.

Awesome: Having super fast internet.
Awkward: ...for one week before the undergrads showed up.

Awesome: Having someone email me about the bean bag I was selling on Craig's List.
Awkward: His phrasing.  "Email me.  I NEED your bean bag." 
Wrong dude, no one NEEDS a bean bag. 

Awkward: Coveting my housemates ever-ripening bananas (the riper, the better they are for freezing).
Awesome: They started to attract fruit flies, giving me an excuse to offer to buy 'em off of her.
Awkward: They were mine all along. 
Remember how my housemate is cleaner than me?  Now add dog-hair filled laptop and fruit flies to my list of gross.

How about you guys? 
Dish your awkwards and awesomes in the comments below!


  1. Awesome: Scoring a good deal on a flight to Oklahoma so that hubby and I can attend our college's alumni weekend.

    Akward: The flight only had middle seats available at this point, so we can't sit together and we'll be smooshed between strangers.

    Awesome: I am so excited to get to go back to my old stomping grounds that I don't even care how awkward my flight will be!

  2. You now have me curious about your hair. I think we need to see a picture. And waking yourself up laughing? I really can't think of a better way to wake up!

    Awkward: Every time I call ANYONE, they think I am calling because I am in labor.
    Awkward x2: Me knowing I have stubborn babies, so this one will probably be late.
    Awesome: I am totally fine with having stubborn babies and know they come when they are ready.

  3. bahaha. i have so had that experience, many times over, with the haircut. now it's worse because sam finally admitted he likes me better with longer hair (AMATEUR MISTAKE, HUSBAND) and now i know that's why he never comments on my (increasingly crazy) hair changes.

    your new life sounds awesome. i'm super happy for your happy. my experience with roommates has always been that i cook enough good food and am friendly enough that they put up with me, but as soon as we move out, they're like omgodyouweretheworstroommatei'veeverhadHOWCANANADULTBETHATMESSY?! so good on you.

  4. oh Craigslist, you are always awkward! Bean bag desperation!!!

  5. Those dishes are super cute!! I love them! The banana one cracked me up! So funny!

  6. Bahahahaha, love this. I can't believe I wasn't following your blog before this round of fall fashion...that's awkward.

    Awesome: Thanks to Katie, I have done two "awkward/awesome" installments on my blog already AND I am now following you.

    P.S. awkward: word verification saying "prednett" (makes me think of someone saying "pregnant" with a plugged nose...)


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