Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 14

Awesome: Hugs.
Awesome x 2: Multiple hugs.
Awkward: Multiple hugs in 100 degree weather.
I had to give each  person permission to wipe their palms after touching my sweaty self.

Awkward: Texting the someone else when I meant to text my mom.
Charlotte learned what each sister had eaten, which one had showered and which was currently practicing their instrument.

Awkward AND Awesome: Being followed around by our camping family's 11 year old son, who seems to be quite fond of me.
Just awkward: Being followed to our outdoor (read: no walls) potty.

Awesome: Finally discovering the cause of my nighttime, benadryl-requiring allergies.
Awkward: Finding out the culprit is down feathers (I'll miss you, comfy eiderdown blanket).

Awkward: My new car still smells like someone tried to cover up something with air freshener.
Awkward x 2: Explaining to my sisters that we'd just have to tough it out, that fighting smells with other smells just equals TWO smells.
Awkward x 3: Shortly thereafter spilling a mound of garlic powder in the front seat.

I can't freakin' wait! 
More info here.

Awkward: Because of the lack of reception while camping, when I did get a rare patch, I sent texts in batches (thinking it was easier for two short ones to get out vs. one long one???).  Often the follow up texts didn't make it.
Friend: Call me when you're back!
Me: I wont have time...
Me: hang out much because I'll be packing...
Me: ...but I'd love for you to stop by while I'm sorting things!
Friend: Call me when you're back!
Me: I wont have time...
[aaaand reception died]

Awesome: Being invited to dinner.
Awkward: Being served a 'mostly' vegetarian lasagne.
Host: There's only a little bit of ham in it!
Me: Yeah... I'm full-blooded vegetarian, so....
Awesome: Finding out they didn't know of my dietary restrictions, thus, weren't offended when I skipped over the proffered dish.

Awesome: Having an internal clock that allows me to wake naturally at 7 am every single day.
Awkward: ... Even when I fell asleep at 2 am after driving 15.5 hours.  Curse you internal clock.
Awesome: Drive through coffee places!  Hello PJs and unkempt hair! Here's a visual.
Awkward: Being called and asked to get a gallon of milk on the way home.
Where's my drive through grocery store?

Awkward: My conversation with my littlest sister this morning...
Littlest little: When are you moving out? 
Me: Tomorrow morning.  Super early.  Probably before you're awake.
Littlest little: ....Well... bye!

Awesome: Getting to see Faja and Brutharrr tomorrow when they bring my stuff and help me move into my new place!!!


  1. I didn't think the text was awkward! It made me laugh a lot. :D

    Were all the hugs from the burners? I'm sure they were smelly too.

    Let's make a drive through grocery store! It'll be a big hit!

  2. The awkwardness in your life always makes me smile! And I am sure your car now smells quite divine. Have fun moving and spending some time with your brother.

  3. Good luck with the move! Hopefully it's not the never ending process mine was. And I can't wait for fashion week!!!

  4. lol! I love these posts! And your 11-year-old lover! So cute and AWKWARD!!

  5. oh, girl, i can empathize. not sure if i've mentioned this or not, but i was a full-blown vegetarian for about 7 years and got this ALL THE TIME - i broke one day when a colombian friend's mom, who spoke no english, served me pork chops. i just ate them. i was never cut out to be a vegetarian, anyway.

    um, i miss your blog. sorry i've been away. i'm back now.

  6. Charlotte - I know I already answered you via text but they weren't burners (you're right... THAT'D be okay), they were the teachers at my sister's school. Eep!

    Jessica - Thank you! I'm glad I bring a smile to Jessicaland.

    E - Thank you! It went great! I can't wait eiiiitherrr!

    Lea - Thank you, m'dear!

    Audrey - Haha, awwwwwwww. Sad times. Kinda. I don't think I could be a vegetarian if I hadn't been raised one... I don't have the strongest mentality when it comes to food. And don't apologize! Not only am I spotty with others in blogland, I've been absent from my OWN blog for a bit now...


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