Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 13

I forgot to post a few special moments from last week...

Awkward: Mom placed her very important notebook on the back of the car so as not to forget it... and forgot it.
Awesome: We drove several hours before noticing and it was still there!!!

Awkward: The door to our cabin was hanging open when we arrived... It's been broken sometime between our last visit and now.
Awesome: Nothing was missing nor was there was there any weather damage.

And onto this week:
Awkward: My sandal broke.
Awesome: I fixed it.
Awkward: Yes that's a twist tie and a rubber band.

Awkward: All the local business shut down their restrooms in preparation for the burners.
Awesome: For the first time, we're considered 'locals' and can sneak into the deluxe facilities.

Awesome: Finally morphing into outdoorsy Rachael.
Awkward: Meaning I don't bother to swat the flies off me anymore. What have I become?!

Awesome: Meeting burning man festival goers from all over the world.
Awkward: Not knowing geography so I just say, "Hmm... that's far!" to everyone.

Awesome: Having someone compliment my makeup when I'm not wearing makeup.
Awkward: Specifically referring to my lovely purple eyeshadow.   
"Um, thanks... that's allllll me.   I call it insomnia violet."

Awesome: Doodling on a pier (see this post)
Awkward: A gust of wind blew all loose pens and pencils into the cracks and thus, into the water.
Awesome: Bigger-little and I undertook a daring rescue attempt and mostly succeeded.

Awesome: Making friends with a band's roadie (and having her offer to pay me for my photos!)
Awkward: Accidentally referring to her as a 'groupie' when talking to the band later. 

Awesome: Having a good big sister talk with the littlest about accepting disappointment like a big girl.
Awkward: Halfway through, realizing the talk was more helpful to me.  I have a lot to learn...

Are we all done cringing at my life? Good.
Now you tell me what's been awkward and awesome in YOUR week?  
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Bahaha! I look forward to this every Thursday. I kind of miss working in retail for this very reason.. I miss all the awkward moments. ;)

    You are so funny.

  2. "Hmm... that's far!" - Made me laugh! And that purple eye shadow must have been great.

    Awkward: Having a man shout to me in a parking lot that I must be having a boy.
    Awesome: Well, it was awesome too...he didn't say anything about my size, so it was awesome!

  3. Wow! This is one of the best sets ever! I can't believe about the notebook or about the compliments on your 'makeup'. Awwwwkwaaaaard.

    Awkward: Having one of my students inform me that he "wears underwear now"!
    More awkward: I didn't know he wasn't wearing it before.

  4. Natasha - Oh good! I'm glad you enjoy it. Ah yes, retail... In retail, high school and apparently my life, there's no shortage of awkward.

    Jessica - That is hilarious! I love the idea of a stranger hollerin' at your belly!

    Charlotte - BwhahahahahahahA! Oh, that's SO awkward!


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