Monday, August 1, 2011

Social Saturday

On Saturday, I went to a barbeque...

This is what I wore...

(I'm looking down so you can see my hairclip)
There was delicious food and drink...

Drawing with chalk...

Dancing barefoot...

...And sharing.

Everyone had a lovely time.
And I mean everyone!

What did you do this weekend? 


  1. Oooooooh! Pretty colors!! You look beautiful :)

    That first photo of the bbq is very cool.

    This weekend we did some decorating and cleaning. We're getting moved into a new place and it's such a process!! (especially with a small baby :)

  2. You wore that to a bbq? haha... I probably would have worn stained shorts or something. :)

    I did lots of things, including writing a post on what I did!

  3. I want to eat that entire cheese ball. Right. Now. Yummers.

    That drinkie doesn't look too bad either ;)

  4. All your pictures are SO good!! Do you use a lens? I will check back to see if you answered ;) And friend you are smokin!! Love your bbq cute...oh and YEAY for the food and drinks they both look delicious!

  5. Thank you Jessi, Natasha and Lindsay, for the compliments!!! You brightened my day for sure.
    Jessi - Oh man, I'm about to move and I think it's enough work with just ME! I hope it goes by quickly and is as pleasant as possible.

    Charlotte - I go INTO a BBQ wearing that and come out stained.

    Beth - I'm glad you recognized the blue cheese because I debated labeling it or not... It was blue cheese and walnuts!

    Lindsay - Thanks! Yes, I have a very nice camera (my dad's castoff... he always has the latest and the greatest) and I used my favorite lens of all... my fixed 85 mm with an f-stop down to 1.4! Serious depth-of-field. It's great for ...everything but especially portraits and food and flowers and... everything.

  6. Awe, cute photos! Thank you for the oh so sweet comment!
    xo, Elsie


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