Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feedback please!

So, we were originally supposed to leave for our trip on Friday morning.
THAT didn't happen.
It got tentatively rescheduled to Saturday morning.
THAT didn't happen.
The new plan was today at 8am.
THAT didn't happen.
We finally packed both cars and were ready to go at 10am.  I had the littles in my car*, a 16 hour book on tape, a bag of snacks and lots of handwipes (you know... for child hands [shudder]).
Biggest little

Littlest little

As we were backing out of the driveway, madre waved her arms and hollered at me.  The other car had a dead battery. A very, very dead battery.  At that point, it was just too late to start the trip as it'd be dark by the time we arrived and it's no fun setting up camp with flashlights.

While it's frustrating, I always like to believe that waylaid plans were derailed for a reason. Who knows? Maybe we would've come across worse problems if we HAD gone... like traffic or a fender-bender!

Some definitive good that's come of today:
1) The adults got to get a few more pre-leaving-for-a-trip-things done.
2) The littles are just a little bit closer to being bored with running water.
3) I got to see madre work from home!
Isn't she the coolest?!

AND (here's where you come in...)
4) I get to ask you what car games you recommend for the littles and I when we re-re-re-embark tomorrow!

Leave your favorite vehicular time wasting endeavors in the comments below (please).

***EDIT: Thanks guys! I loved the suggestions! Feel free to keep 'em coming as we have another loooong drive when we head home!****

*we're taking two for lots of reasons including storage space, having one for emergencies (including such cases as big sister NEEDING to go to town for caffeine) and the option of me coming home early should the need arise with the whole grad school starting and what not.


  1. My sister and I love to attempt singing songs by singing every other (or in your case, every third) word. We were never successful, but had a blast. There's always the alphabet game, finding the letters on signs as you drive. You could also do license plate bingo, but that takes a little pre-planning with the game cards. You could "write" a story together by taking turns coming up with a sentence. You could also play "I Spy."

    I hope that helps!

  2. We like to find all the cool out of state license plates! lol And we also like to try and figure out the meaning behind some personalized license plates.

    Have fun with your sissies! They grow up too fast :'(

  3. Bring a kids book and have the "littles" take turns reading it out loud in the car. It entertains not only the reader, but also the listeners. "I spy" was always a big one when I was growing up...but then again, so were game boys!

  4. It's been a long time since I was that age, but my brother and I played trivia games (like trivial pursuit but without the gameboard) and quizzed each other on "Six Degree of Kevin Bacon," but we were children of the '80s and knew all of Kevin Bacon's movies. I'm guessing your sisters are too young for that. Are you too young to remember that? ;)

  5. hmmmmm making up names with the letters on number plates : )


  6. "Beaver!" Certain people, landmarks, vehicles are dubbed a "beaver" and you get a point if you claim beaver first when you see it. For example, police cars, hay on wheels, famous bridges, etc.

  7. I never played many games. I just read. Yay for no car sickness!

    But a fun group game is "Encore". You pick a word, any word. Then each person has to sing a lyric that has that word in it. They have to -sing- the -whole- lyric, no guessing! If they can't think of anything, the other players get a point and you pick a new word.

    Have fun!

  8. Sooo what does you Mom do?? Looks interesting!


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