Monday, August 29, 2011

Faraway Land - Saturday August 27th 2011

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For our our other recent adventures in faraway land...

Now that I'm settling into the groove camping (i.e. feeling okay being 
extremely dirty, sitting still with no agenda...), I want to know...  

What is YOUR favorite part of being in the wilderness?


  1. Glad you are having a good time! Ahh sitting and doing nothing sounds amazing. I love camping. I think my favorite part is feeling more relaxed in makeup no crazy outfits..unwashed hair I love it all!

  2. It sounds like you've been having a great time with your family and nature! I love the way you presented your posts! Do you really journal like that?!! If so, that is super cool!

  3. I went camping last week too (Wed-Sun) and I can tell you my least favorite part - sitting on the canoe out in the middle of the lake in the dark! I love seeing the stars but it's too creepy!!

    My favorite part is getting tan and feeling healthy!

  4. Lindsay - I wish I could have no makeup and unwashed hair... Unfortunately, we come into town most days and no one else is camping on their property... le sign.

    Lea- I do journal like that but not with real photographs. It's usually all doodles.

    Charlotte - OOoh! That WOULD be creepy. I'm terrified of skin cancer with my fair skin so I avoid the blazing thing like the plague. I do feel a bit healthier already though!

  5. I have not experienced camping enough to have a favorite part. Sad but true. I think I might be kind of nervous to do it! eeeek! Don't tell anyone.
    But, I did put "camping" on one of my life "to do" lists so someday soon I will have to conquer the fear. That should be interesting.

    Your posts, by the way, are making me think it might not be as bad as I imagine...


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