Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brain Droppings Vol 7 - Tummies!

Hellloooooo! It's time for an (on-time) Brain Droppings post!
With all the talk about stomach acid last week, I ended up doing a bit of research on the digestive system...

When you're hungry and your stomach hurts, it's because of the waves of muscle contractions along the digestive tract, called peristalsis.  These contractions move food along and mush up food, drink and digestive juices into a ooey-gooey mess called 'chyme'.

The noises your stomach makes when it growls are called borborygmi (from the greek borborugmos, which is an early example of an onomatopoeia!)

Your stomach can potentially growl at any point but it's louder when your stomach is empty.  I liked the example this article gave comparing an empty stomach to shoes in a dryer (loud!) vs. a fuller stomach which is more like shoes PLUS some towels (muffled).

The size of someone's stomach is in no way related to their weight (i.e. larger people don't have bigger stomachs).  And stomach sizes don't change... If you've ever experienced the feeling that your stomach has shrunk when you repeatedly eat less food for some time, what's really happening is you're resetting your appetite thermostat.

Wasn't that enlightening? 
Do you know any other interesting facts about the 
stomach (or digestive system in general)?
Leave 'em in the comments below!

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  1. FACT: I could eat everyone on the internet under the table. Nursing+ pregnancy+ biking myself and a certain little lady EVERYWHERE= FAMISHED all.the.time.

    also, what is the deal with water? does it really fill you up at all? I don't think so. I am currently putting away about 90oz of water a day and yet? no slowing down on my hummus and quesadilla consumption. . .

  2. tee hee, I love the "chyme" stand!

    And can I have a poster of that tummy thermometer? Complete with "so hungry you're angry"? Because I get that a lot...

    Also, I think this post is funny coming from someone who doesn't get hungry!

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  4. Autumn - Hah! You poor thing. The girls were just talking about being pregnant today
    Littlest: "Thinking of myself in that state makes me feel embarrassed." (Yes, she talks like that)
    Bigger little: "I imagine it's like when I got stung by a bee on my hand. The whole hand swelled up and felt all tight and uncomfortable and everyone said, "Ewww!" I can't wait to be pregnant."

    Charlotte - Of course you can have a copy! :)
    I'm glad you like it. And yeah, it is pretty funny that I researched this cuz my hunger isn't manifested in pangs, it's mood swings (hence the 'hangry') AND my tummy doesn't normally rumble but my sisters tummies sometimes do!

  5. My tummy rumbles CONSTANTLY. And it is super embarrassing because it is generally shoes in the dryer loud. Like - strangers giving me strange looks loud.
    Now I know what's going on!


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