Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brain Droppings vol 4

Pedantricks - A word I just made up (combining 'pedantry' with 'tricks') which is defined as the fun little facts and demonstrations you can pull out in the company of those you'd like to impress but will in all likelihood end in groans and eye rolling.

Speaking of eyes (the topic of my life's work for those of you new to this blog), let's start with....
Finding your blind spot.
Take a piece of paper and draw an X and a dot.
The symbols don't have be an exact size or distance from each other... I always wing it.  Better for them to be on the smaller side (your blind spot isn't THAT big).
Close or cover your left eye and hold the paper at arm's length away while staring at the X.  Slowly bring your arm closer.
At some point, while still staring at the X, you should notice that the dot is no longer visible... CUZ it's in your blind spot!!!  Nifty, eh?*
*If you're having trouble, try drawing the symbols smaller and adjusting the distance of the paper to your face.

Wait, you've done that before?  Hmph! Well, I betcha haven't figured out your dominant eye before (and no, it's not necessarily the same as your dominant hand).
Figuring out your dominant eye...
Make a diamond shape with your hands and hold them as far away from you as possible.  With both eyes open, pick an object in the distance and center the hole in your hands over it.  Now close each eye in turn.  When you close your dominant eye, the object wont be in the center of your hands anymore.*

*If this doesn't work, make the same shape with your hands (extended fully) centered on someone's nose.  Ask them to tell you which of your eyes they see through the hole in your hands.  Whichever eye of yours they can see is your dominant eye.

Speaking of hands...
Growing a phantom digit
Touch your forefinger to someone else's forefinger (or full palms) and run the thumb and forefinger of your other hand up and down the two touching fingers slowly.
(This was really hard to draw, sawwy).
It should feel weird at least and at best, like their finger is yours!

If all else fails, at least you can pull out your knowledge of poodles or wombats or misquotations.

What pedantricks do YOU know?


  1. well, it isn't a trick, but my party-trick fact (or at least the first one that comes to mind) is that the simon & garfunkel song "mrs. robinson" was originally all about joe dimaggio - they just changed the lyrics to make it fit the graduate soundtrack and left in a mere one line mentioning the yankee slugger. (bizarre audrey fact: i consume baseball biographies like mini macarons.) unfortunately this song is still played on oldies stations A LOT so sam has gotten in the habit of preemptively shutting me up when the "dee dee dee dee dee dee"s start up.

  2. OKAY. the captcha was just DIMAGI. isn't that kind of amazing?!!? i think your blog is my soulmate.

  3. Apparently my left eye is my dominant eye...very interesting; especially since my left eye has always had a stronger prescription than my right eye. Thanks for making me smarter today.

  4. Hahahahah, I know all these tricks! But I loved seeing your pictures! These are great posts!

  5. I can't wink with my left eye!! lol I had Matt close my left eye for me and found out my right eye is my dominant eye! This was so cool! I love your drawings especially the third one!

  6. So, after you taught me my dominant eye, I was all excited to show the trick to Jordan and he was all like, "yeah, I know that, you have to figure out your dominant eye if you take shooting lessons". Totally rained on my parade. waaaah.

  7. Audrey - Wow! I didn't know that! I knew someone from Martinez (which is where the martini was invented (supposedly), John Muir lived and (finally connecting this) where Dimaggio died). So you're into baseball? What's your favorite team? Oooh man, macarons... there's an amazing french bakery near my work (I drool). And that captcha is TOO much of a coincidence.... freaky. And you have no idea how big of a compliment that is coming from the owner of YOUR blog (our blogs should have a fling (don't tell Sam)).

    Jessica - Oh! You're quite the unusual case then! Normally, the dominant eye often corresponds with the weaker prescription (i.e. it's stronger). You could be in eye studies!

    Christianna - Oh good! I was hoping that the pictures would make up for the redundancy if someone had already known it all.

    Lea - I have SUCH a hard time winking! I THINK it looks great but people laugh at me. Thanks for the compliment, lady!

    Charlotte - Yeah, this is only useful for people who play sports or shoot weapons. Boo that you couldn't show off to him! I'll see if I can't scrounge up something to make him roll his eyes next week for ya.

  8. Hahaha I am trying this! Cant wait..my husband is gonna look at me like im a big weirdo...but that's nothing new! Love this series!

  9. Oh and P.S replied back to your hilarious comment over on my blog! You always make me laugh!!..but no pressure you can be serious if want too ;)


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