Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Girl Transporation Unit

I do miss my quirky, bumper-sticker covered, astroturf-upholstered old car with the salt filled CD player, buttons that did NOTHING (and according to the manual weren't supposed to be there) and ...unique smell.

Buuuut, I'm loving my new (to me) car so much!

It's got these neat-o backseat cup holders...

...ample trunk space...

...and best of all,
I can drive in 3D!

What's unique (good or bad) about YOUR car?

(all photos by Brutharr!)


  1. You are so stinking hilarious!
    I have a PT Cruiser - not the *best* car, but it does get great gas mileage, and has plenty of room. It also survived the fire so it's pretty sentimental. :)

  2. You could fit like two of me in your trunk. haha!

  3. Congrats on the new car. You are so freaking funny showcasing it like you do. And glad to see the trunk is big enough for you to haul a dead body...not that you would ever need to, but you might.

  4. YEAY for your new car!! Hhaha you are awesome! I love that you actually demonstrated how large your truck is...that's actually a deal breaker for me so woohoo for the large truck space!

  5. OH! About the "poop stain".. when I was younger, my dad caught me say the "s" word - and he said, and I quote, "That is just not a nice word.. why don't you say, um.. poop stain instead?" And it's stuck. And now he thinks it's annoying. :P

  6. Very nice!! I wish my car had 3d! Your photos are so clever :)

    Aren't new cars the best? I got my first new car this year.. well new-er. I think my favorite thing about it is the ac power plug.. so I can flat iron my hair or charge my ipod in my car!

  7. Natasha - Thanks for the kind words and yeah, understandable that you would feel fond of your cruiser. That would definitely endear ANYTHING to me. Thanks for sharing the origins of 'poop stain'!!! It made me laugh.

    Charlotte - Or 3 probably..

    Jessica - Thanks! And that's EXACTLY what I commented on when I first saw it (the numbers of bodies I could fit). It's the first thing I think of...

    Lindsay - Yeah, the trunk is pretty important. THIS one can get even bigger as the backseats fold down flat!!!

    Jessi - Thank you! Flat iron?! I would be freaked out about setting the car on fire with a flat-iron/curling iron! I can charge my iphone/ipod in mine, so that's good. It actually comes with TWO chargers (but one's broken).

  8. You have me LAUGHING up a storm! I wonder if I'd fit in my trunk? hmmmmmmm
    What does 3D even mean really? Obviously you've finally figured it out! Thank you!

  9. Too cute. What I love about my car (a 2008 red Honda Fit)? It's cheerful during our long, white winters and it can hold almost anything from Ikea.


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