Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 9

Awesome: This mug (from Brutharrr)
It actually keeps track of how much hot beverage I have left!

Awkward: Having your skirt tucked into your underwear.
Awkward x 2: Not discovering this yourself but rather, having this pointed out. By a coworker.

Awkward: Having to ask someone to move OUT of the photo.
"Just a little bit farther please... I can still see the teensiest little bit of you."

Awesome: Discovering purple peppers at the farmer's market yesterday.
Awkward: Discovering I do not like purple peppers.  One bit.

Awesome: Waking up to a fantastic hair day...
Awkward: ...On the morning of your 8:30 am participation in an EEG study
Step 1: Wash your hair.  
Step 2: Leave it sopping wet for an hour while the scientist probes your brain waves 
with 126 electrodes. 
"Goodbye, good hair day, goodbye!"
 I can blow dry my hair but I can't iron out those electrode sucker-marks.

Awkward: Cardboard cuts.  Multiple cardboard cuts.

Awkward: Eating hardboiled eggs at work.
"No, that's my food you're smelling.  Yes, I'll take it outside."

Awesome: Being asked to illustrate a totally adorable kid's book that my uncle wrote.

Awesome: Playing the wave-and-emphatically-point-cuz-we-have-the-same-car game.
Awkward: Realizing that I traded in my rights to play that when I traded in my bright red VW convertible for a grown up car.

Awkward: Waking up with a twinge in my back on the day I'm supposed to move the rest of my stuff to storage (bear in mind its 85% textbooks).
Awesome: Packing the boxes and getting my car loaded anyways (with only minor complaining).
Awkward: Not being able to find the key to the storage unit (definitely a 2 hour ordeal + tears).
Awesome: The storage company doesn't charge for lock cutting, only the price of a new lock.
Awkward: Putting down the wrong unit number for the manager to cut.
Awesome: Realizing my mistake in time.
Awkward AND Awesome: Finding my missing key the next night.  Where it belonged.  Where multiple people had checked.  Of course. 

Awesome: Reading your awkward/awesome moments in the comments.  Go on.  Make my day.


  1. Oh how I adore Thursdays because of your blog! I am intrigued by the purple peppers. What did they taste like? We recently picked up purple potatoes. All the purple seemed to cook out of them and they tasted just like normal potatoes. Kind of a letdown.

    Awesome: Connor making friends with the little neighbor kids.
    Awkward: Connor screaming at the top of his lungs every time he sees their house because he wants to play. (It will be nice when he can actually talk and no longer needs to scream about everything.)

  2. WHERE DID YOUR BRUTHARR FIND THAT MUG??? i need it. (well, actually, i need to give it as a gift. but close enough.)

  3. You make me laugh out loud every time! The part about the photo was just too awkwardly awesome.

    Awkward: MIL asking if you could see "her crack" through her swimsuit.
    Awesome: Honestly being able to say I hadn't looked & had no idea.

    (sorry if that is not blog kosher, but it killed me!)

  4. I don't even know what to respond to. First, that mug is awesome. Second, the electrode marks remind me of what a too-small bike helmet did to my head yesterday. And my good hair day. So pretty. Third, cardboard cuts are the. absolute. worst.

  5. Purple peppers?? I've never heard of such a thing!!

    Very cool mug.

    And that is so awesome that you get to illustrate a book!!

  6. That mug is awesome.

    Peppers are gross in general, so I wouldn't have high hopes for purple ones, despite looking cool.

    And tucking your skirt into your underwear? High fashion, for sure. Your coworker just isn't cultured. ;)

  7. Awesome: Remembering to buy toilet paper at Target this morning because I noticed we were on our last role.

    Awesome: Finding that there is a sale on a "big" pack of double rolls!

    Awkward: Coming home at lunch to see that my husband had found the same sale.

    Awkward: My teeney laundry room is filled to the brim with rolls of toilet paper like we're hoarders or something.

  8. That mug is awesome! Those electrode marks are hilarious!! And don't you just hate how hard boiled eggs can stink up an entire room?!

  9. Awesome: Realizing that there is still a Laser Quest in Mountain View
    Awesome: Going to a birthday party at said Laser Quest
    Awkward: Having someone point out that there's a tear in the back of my shorts shortly before we begin to play. (it was huge. not subtle)
    Awesome: Randomly wearing some pretty cool boxers that day.
    Awkward: Getting halfway into the first game of Laser Quest and realizing how flawed that game is.
    Awkward: Someone taking the game way too seriously (covering up sensors, pushing the barrels of opponents guns)
    Awesome: Making it my personal mission to get as many shots on said person as possible.

  10. awesome: learning an old friend will be visiting brooklyn in november.

    awkward: learning via my facebook wall, where other friends can see they were not informed of her pending arrival.

    awesome: adding a comment to my own wall post to invite said friends to cook with us in my kitchen!

    awkward: when typing the sentence "i'm envisioning the three of us barefoot & aproned in my kitchen, making dinner for our menfolk. maybe taking breaks to stop and stroke each other's hair," (which is ALREADY awkward enough, but an inside joke,) i accidentally press enter after "each other," thus writing "maybe taking breaks to stop and stroke each other."

    awkward x 2: no one has commented since.

  11. awesome: my captcha phrase was "dishicks"

  12. Jessica - This is like, my dream comment. Someone actually looking FORWARD to my blog! The purple peppers tasted 'blah'. Like, worse than flavorless. They were kinda bitter, like they were unripe. Bummer about the potatoes! I love all the gorgeous colors potatoes can come in. They're like little jewels. Hehee! Your awkward/awesome is perfect.

    Katie - Check yo email :)

    Stephanie - Be as un-kosher as you'd like on this blog! I LOVED your addition! And thank you for the compliment.

    E - Oooh man, helmet-head is the worst! Right up there with electrode head. I think helmet head takes longer to fix though. Thanks for the comments!

    Jessi - Thanks! I know, right? I'm so friggin' stoked.

    Charlotte - I'd have to turn the other way when I ate my daily red bell pepper (raw. Like an apple), huh? HAHA! High fashion! That's what I'll tell myself....

    Beth - Your comment made me laugh out loud. I love the picture of being crowded out by toilet rolls! That'd make a good little doodle.

    Lea - Thanks! I know! And yes, I do. In that order. I read that I should cook them a minute or two less to make 'em less stinky (but not too much less or they wont be all the way cooked).

    Brutharrr - I can totes picture you picking off the poo bag.

    Audrey - Your awkward/awesome made me snort my coffee almost out my nose!!! That was SOOO incredibly funny and JUST the sort of thing I'd do! In fact, it's similar to something I did this morning. It involves an email thread and will now be in next week's roundup.

    Lexi - Thanks! I am absolutely loving it.

  13. Bahahhahahahahahah!!! I am dying! You made my night.


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