Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 11

Awesome: Parking my car outside a bakery in such a way that it looks like my vehicle is pastry laden.
I wish!

Awesome: Having a going away gathering the night before I moved.
Awesome x 2: Having some friends even come from as far as 3 hours away!
Awkward: The morning after with aforementioned people who needed to stay the night.
Um... Thanks for driving out here and all but I can't hang out today.  
But have a nice (long) drive home!

Awesome: Being told to do an 'awkward' pose by the photographer and immediately busting it out.
Awkward: Being the only one doing so by the time the shutter goes.

Awkward: Not only being familiar with but actually catching myself singing along to nearly every song that came on in the teeny-bopper-preteen store I took my sisters in. 

Awkward: Having my macbook power cord break.
Awkward x 2: Finding out a new power cord costs $90!
Awesome: Being under warranty still.
Awkward: Not having this particular item covered.
Awesome: Them giving it to me anyways.

Awesome: Having a gift card for Borders.
Awkward: Not knowing how much was on it and discovering that the only way to find out would be to wait in the long check out line.
Awesome: Finding several options of varying prices to bring to the front.
Awkward: Getting the grumpiest of all cashiers who proceeded to stare me down growling, "So you're NOT going to get this item?"
Awkward x 2: After each sheepish admission of 'No', she continued to lock eyes as she flung the item in question hard over her shoulder, smashing it into the wall behind her.

Awesome: Having a perfect stranger spell my name correctly.
Awkward: Having my own sister spell it wrong.
 Who cares when it's that cute! Am I right?

Awesome: Remembering to be polite by asking the other person the same question they asked me.
Me: "So what do YOU think about the issue?"
Awkward: Finding out I already asked them that 5 minutes ago.
Them: "Um, I just told you that..."
Me: "Yeah, but see, I was paying absolutely no attention to you then."

Awkward AND Awesome: Being emailed by a coworker that 'even so-and-so misses you.'
I didn't know they wouldn't....

What awkward & awesome things have happened to YOU this week?


  1. hahaha! you get the most awesome things.

  2. I love that first picture!

    And the Boarders workers...they are just bitter because they are losing their jobs. But this bitter old woman (how I imagine her) should have been nicer.

  3. Huzzah for wise strangers! And your sisters are always adorable.

    Did you tell the person you weren't listening to them, or just thinking it?

  4. That picture of your car "full" of pastries!!!! I love it!! So cool!

    I can't believe that Borders worker was so mean! Sheesh! Talk about a cranky one!

    And you got lucky they gave you a new power cord! Those things are expensive!!

  5. Rachael you are my favorite!! Your writing style is so witty and hilarious! I love that first first glance I was like whaaaoo girl you are really loading up on those carbs haha! Love that you took a picture! Too funny about your own sis misspelling your name :) My husbands family always does that they do an e instead of an A and I am always like HELLOO! Have a wonderful weekend! XO

  6. i have been so behind on here. i'm so sorry.

    i need to start writing these down, but i have a pretty epic one from wedding-time:

    awkward: being a grown woman and having no idea how to do makeup.
    awesome: having a good friend (and total babe) offer to do it for me! at the wedding! for free!
    awkward: her grabbing my chin when i walk in the room to get makeup done and saying, "do you want me to get rid of zis?" (she is columbian and has a strong [incredibly sexy] accent) referring to my mustache. ouch.
    awesome: she has crazy potent columbian facial hair removal cream RIGHT THERE!
    awkward: after 30 seconds on my face, cream starts to burn like i-don't-know-what. i ask her if that's normal. concerned, she wipes off a bit and quickly says, "oh you're done!" and takes it all off. leaving behind a bright red, very painful, chemical.burn.MUSTACHE. one and a half hours before i'm supposed to "take this man."
    awesome: she put enough makeup on it to cover it. mostly.
    awkward: it kept wearing off, and throughout the wedding people kept telling me i had lipstick around my mouth. wrong!

    so, yeah.

    that first picture is amazing. and, i hope, will appear in all of my dreams for the next several weeks.

    have a great weekend! xoxo

  7. These posts are always sooooo hysterical.

    A pastry filled car sounds like a delightful predicament.
    Kinda love that you know all the pop-tacular music out there. I'm glad I'm not the only NERD!

    And SCORE! re: the power cord. What a fantastic gift!


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