Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward / Awesome Volume 10

Haaayyy guuuuys.  It's THURSDAY so it's time for some Awkward/Awesomes!  Sydney, the creator of this Thursday tradition is back after a hiatus and boy is today's round up funny.  Check it out here.

Awesome: A soon-to-be classmate helping me sort my living situation by linking me to various housing websites, giving me the low-down on who's looking for a roommate and advice on who has been rumored to be a bad choice to live with.
Awkward: Finding out she accidentally emailed the latter information to me AND the person under discussion. See you guys in the fall! This should be fun...

Awesome: As a result of my book on tape being read by a woman from Great Britain, my internal monologue is now often tinged with a british accent.  Sweet.

Awesome: Successfully showcasing the culmination of the last 1.25 years of work in a poster presentation.
Awkward: Giving aforementioned presentation at a school I interviewed at but rejected.
The repeated conversation:
Me: So that was our general finding.  Do you have any questions?
Distinguished Dude: Yeah, just one - Where did you decide to go to grad school instead of here?

Awkward: Being the only non-family member at a friend's going away party. 

Awkward: Saying goodbye to the insistently self-deprecating employee
Her: "You're going to have so much fun at grad school, you're not going to miss us at all."
Me: Of course I will, I'll  defini-

Her: No. You wont.

Awkward: Being caught by my coworker using Photo Booth as a mirror. 

Awkward: Mirror poses.  In the bathroom.
(What can I say? I liked the pairing of my old man sweater with my pirate shirt.)

Awesome: Seeing this posted on our break room bulletin board.
(You bet I shared my wombat research with my coworkers... Now, to figure out whodunnit...)

Awesome: Giggling as I composed a faux formal email in response to my friend's request for an more official link and password to some photos I recently took of him.  It was filled with mock snobbery such as using his full name and sentences like, "I do so hope we remain dearest of friends, even when we're old and deflated like 5 day post-party balloon animals."
Awkward: Finding out the hard way the reason for his request... So he could forward the link and password to his entire extended family.

Awesome: This water-purification-bottle-filler-thing-a-McBobbin-station.
Awkward: Spilling all over myself when I tried to fill my bottle AND take a picture.

Awkward AND Awesome (but way more awesome): A pre-conference sleepover at my boss's house (wine, hot tubbing and glorious digs).  She's the coolest boss I've ever had... Including when I was self-employed.

Awkward AND Awesome: Choking on my drink while reading your hilarious awkward/awesomes in the comments last week.  I'd love to repeat that experience so leave em' in the comments!


  1. Awkward: Being caught by my coworker using Photo Booth as a mirror.

    *Done that!

    Distinguished Dude: Yeah, just one - Where did you decide to go to grad school instead of here?

    *Did he actually say that?!! THE NERVE. Some people need to take social skills classes, just like my students... seriously! How did you answer?

  2. Char - I'm not kidding when I say that was a 'repeated' conversation. This was asked by MULTIPLE people. I told them the truth. I told them where I'm going, who I'm going to work with, that it was a hard decision, yada yada. They're forward, I'll be too!

  3. hehe I love your awkward and awesomes :) I spill water all over myself filling up my water bottle withOUT taking a pic at the same time. ha!!

    Notes She Wrote

  4. The potential roommate thing really made me laugh. Awkward and so freaking funny!

    Awesome: Our friends came to visit from Scotland.
    Awesome x2: One of the first foods they asked about was Taco Bell.
    Awkward: Realizing that when taking a foreigner to Taco Bell, you have to explain to them every-single-thing on the menu. And even then, they will only order something basic.
    Awesome: They liked it. Well, they went back for seconds, so I am assuming that means they liked it.

  5. Old men sweaters and pirate shirts are the only way to go. Unless you choose the more traditional route of Old woman sweaters with old man pants or edgy with pirate hats with Luke Skywalker pants. But we can't all live on the fashion edge, can we?

  6. I love "...including when I was self employed."
    AND I want a British inner monologue. I'm crossing my fingers that the audio book I just downloaded will be read by a Brit! {it's the little stuff in life, right?}

  7. Love these posts! So funny. Keep 'em comin'.


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