Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mini Summer - Tahoe Day 2 & 3

Yesterday, I did pretty much nothing...
Sure, I wandered around some shops, wrote some postcards and ate food.
Oh, and took photos of food (bringing my grand total of accomplishments to four).
Faja's tacos
While the down time was much needed, I do believe such a high level of unproductivity was a contributing factor in last night's insomnia.

Today, I....
...Scouted the land...
Photo by Faja
...Spotted a photographer in the wild...

...Made friends with Sophie the bearded iguana...

...And was part of the miracle that is all three of us in one photo!
Photo by my aunt
Do I smell a Christmas card?
(And no, I don't know what I'm doing with my arms either)

Activities not pictured: 
Gambled $11
Played Loaded Questions with the fam
Saw Harry Potter!

Have you seen Harry Potter yet?


  1. Seems like a fun vacation and you are GORGEOUS! How did you like Harry Potter? I haven't seen it yet, and probably will not get to until the end of the month.

  2. I love the "photographer in the wild"! And I saw and really enjoyed the last HP. What did you think?

  3. i love how you guys are all wearing blue. cute :)

  4. wow, is that your brother? I almost didn't recognize him, all clean-shaven! I think he looks way better without the beard... no offense.

  5. Well hello there supermodel! What a great shot of you looking out! Nothing days are sometimes my fav..but you were actually pretty productive taking all those pics!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog today! You always leave such genuine awesome...sometimes hilarious comments and I appreciate each and ever one! Hope your havin a great day!

  6. What a fantastic family photo! YES, I think that IS a Christmas card you're smelling ;)

  7. Lea - Thanks for the compliment, lady!

    Lea AND E - I LOVED Harry Potter. I was in HP heaven... Lemme know how you like it when you get to go, Lea. Did you see it, E?

    Charlotte - I passed on the sentiments to Brutharrr. :)

    Lindsay - Awww, look who's leaving the genuine and awesome comments now! But seriously, your blog inspires such sentiments! I can't leave the page without letting you know how awesome you are. And thank you kindly for the compliment!

    Alicia- I hadn't noticed how matchy-matchy we were. Thanks for pointing that out!

    KillerB - Thanks!

  8. Ooo, oo, ooo, I love Tahoe! It's so pretty in the summer & the winter. You're a lucky duck!!!


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