Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mini Summer - Day 4 (and 5)

Ahhh, the last days of my mini summer...
Day 4
A peaceful start...
The adults

Littlest little slept in while bigger little read

There was no particular itinerary so the littles and I played outside (pictures soon).
When it got too hot, we went inside to eat ice cream and watch Harry Potter.
Littlest little and I 
(I'm shiny with sweat, sunscreen and bug spray... lovely)

Meanwhile, my stepdad made a friend!

We went on a hike


My little sunshine

Making a wish
Cranium fungus!

Bigger little's photography skills at work...

Photo by Madre

Speaking of Madre....

A hodge podge of delicious leftovers + mac n' cheese

Bigger little doesn't miss any opportunity to read

Packing up
In the evening, we did what we could to break down camp
Doing the pile of dishes


It was a gorgeous, serene night with alternating warm and crisp breezes. 

Day 5
The 8 hour ride home went by in a blink because I was listening to this on tape:
I kid you not, I almost forgot to stop for gas and food, I was so engrossed.
I heard of this book from reading this post by Charlotte

And thus ends my very long weekend.
It was so much fun but the alternating layers of dirt, sunscreen, bug spray, sweat and overall grime made coming back to civilization (and indoor plumbing) a little easier. 


  1. Great great great pics!!! I was going to say your were totally glowing ;) You have great skin! That is the BIGGEST dandelion I have ever seen! I am kind of obsessed with them and want a big ole tattoo on my wrist of one!

    And EEEK that spider..

    XO Lindsay

  2. hurray! I'm glad to see I've recruited another to The Hunger Games. the books are soooo addicting - and the second and third don't disappoint, so enjoy!

  3. what great pictures! it looks like an amazing time!

  4. Beautiful portraits and pics. And what a fun family time?!?! It looks so great.

    Annnnnnd, how do you have time to blog? Once I started the Hunger Games trilogy I couldn't do ANYTHING else! I'll let you get back to it!

    A Foreign Land

  5. That book is next on my reading list! Can't wait. You've totally made me want to go camping now. :)

  6. Teehee. It's okay! I read backwards, too!

    I love your photos. I want to go camping now!

  7. Dude, I read all three Hunger Game books in 4 days... and I have a toddler which makes reading REALLY REALLY hard.

    If you find yourself in need of fix when your done, I'd suggest Oryx and Crake by Margaret Attwood. It's not YAF, but it is really good.

  8. That dandilion was amazing!

    *i need to read hunger games. once i'm done reading all of these birthing books, hunger games is next!


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