Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Summer - Day 3

Day three began with mom's pancakes.  
Now, you should know I'm NOT a pancake fan… Give me waffles any day.
However, MOM'S pancakes, especially these buttermilk wheat ones, are game changing.

Pancakes and hashbrowns
I bet you're wondering if littlest-little was even more in heaven than yesterday.  
If I hadn't elbowed her out of the way and eaten her share, we may have found out. 

While I was stuffing my belly, my poor stepdad was out toiling...
Hard at work (as usual)
Here, he's tackling the weeds

Next the girlies and I headed to town for a bit of internet time (for the big sister)...
....and ice cream (for the little sisters).
Chocolate 'stache

Bigger-Little is becoming quite the photographer!
Bigger-Little wanted me to pose in front of her 
least favorite ad (she thinks it's creepy).

Madre joined us and we perused a few shops, 
picking up some more yarn for our avid knitters.
Bigger-Little, knitting away

Soon, it was time to head to the neighbors for dinner.
Littlest with her papa

Bigger-Little, obliging me

The little ladies were so well behaved!

Bigger little, bonding with animals, as always

Littlest little, blending into her surroundings
The neighbors had a gorgeous garden…

….And a lovely view….

Dinner was delicious

And afterwards, there were fireworks!

Oh, how I love my lens (thanks, Faja!)

Happy Almost-4th-of-July!
I'll be spending most of tomorrow driving home.
But oh, the shower will be worth it.


  1. Bigger little has GORGEOUS hair!!!

  2. So jealous! You look like you are having a wonderful time. I'm so glad you took so many photos -- this is a dream trip!

  3. bigger little should lay off the wine! tisk, tisk big sis!

  4. That ad is freaky! Its the kids face. He just looks creepy.

  5. Lovely photos. I totally dig the creepy sign.

  6. 1. waffles are far superior to pancakes. I'm glad there are others in the fan club!

    2. that ad is majorly creepy.


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