Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet up!

Last week I had the good fortune of getting to meet Charlotte (from The Daily Snapshot) IN PERSON as well as having the added pleasure of seeing Katie (from Doctor's Terry) again.

I've never felt more familiar with someone I hadn't met in person before.   I have to be all verbose there, saying, 'someone I hadn't met in person before', instead of saying 'a stranger' because the truth is, I have felt that I at least have a grasp on the gist of Charlotte long before last week.

In fact, the only weirdness from the whole thing was the nagging obligation I felt to write a review, like she's some celebrity and I'm some journalist.  I'm suppressing the urge to toss around phrases like, 'down to earth' and write things about how 'she showed up in a black cardigan and jeans, looking effortlessly chic.'

Instead, I'll treat it like it was... a fun hangout with friends, and blog about it like I normally do - with pictures.

Learning from Beth's mistake, I made sure to have my camera but my fears regarding lack of documentation proved unwarranted around these two.

We thrifted...

And got sushi...

And chatted pretty much non-stop the whole time. 

It was a lovely evening. 


  1. ba haha, I'm looking so sunburnt!

    THANK YOU for making it not sound too much like a review... I'm feeling the same thing. I mean, I want to blog about it, but what to say? "It was awesome, just like I thought it would be?" :) I'll probably go with that.

    Thanks also for saying I'm chic! awwww.

  2. You made me laugh:

    I'm suppressing the urge to toss around phrases like, 'down to earth' and write things about how 'she showed up in a black cardigan and jeans, looking effortlessly chic.'

    Kind of jealous that you got to meet Charlotte in the flesh. Glad you guys had fun.

  3. AND you got sushi together???
    fun. fun. fun.

    By the way, You're funny.

  4. Yaaay! What a fun day, I'm so glad you ladies got to meet up and hang out together. Kudos on the pictures :)

  5. AWW sounds like a blast! Yeay for a little thrifting trip as well. Your sushi looks delicious!

  6. SO WONDERFUL to see you again! sounds like you had basically the same reaction to char-let that i had the first time meeting you. =)

    btw, chacos SO do not go with a silk gown. i'll keep that in mind... =)

  7. Yay for blogger meet ups! Looks like you guys had a good time.. especially thrifting :)
    I've had the pleasure of meeting 2 blogger friends, who I think you know.. Chelsea and Mae. I would love to have a blogger swap meet-up in the DFW since I'm here now and there are a few of us out here.. but I'm not sure I have the skill to pull it off.

  8. Charlotte - Oops, my camera flash may have temporarily sunburnt you... But I didn't notice cuz you just look so darling!

    Jessica - I wish we could all do a big ol' meetup! Wouldn't that be so awesome? You're not far from me though! In Modesto. I may be out your way somewhat soonish (to Oakdale).

    Molly - Thanks! Means a lot coming from THE funny lady herself.

    Katie - I had the same reaction to YOU when I met you, too... Like meeting a celebrity that didn't know she was a celebrity. I initially read your comment as 'tacos' not 'chacos' and was thinking, "Oh no! Did you spill on yourself after I left?" or something along those lines.

    Jessi - I do know Chelsea (and am very jealous you got to meet her!) but I don't know Mae. Now I'll have to go check out her blog. Where's DFW? Oh! Is that Dallas Fort Worth? I flew through there on the way home from Florida! You should totally plan a meet up!


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